Long Island man charged with sex trafficking and exploitation of minors

A member of the Long Island “Bloods” gang has been charged with alleged sex trafficking, interstate prostitution and child pornography.

Joshua Lampley-Reid, 26, of West Hempstead, a member of the Bloods’ Makk Balla ensemble, was arrested on Wednesday, June 9 and brought to justice on Thursday, June 10, according to Mark J. Lesko, acting State Attorney- United for the Eastern District of New York.

Lampley-Reid has been charged with sex trafficking, coercion and incitement of minors, sexual exploitation of a minor, transporting child pornography and interstate prostitution.

“As alleged, through violence, coercion and manipulation, the accused exploited and degraded underage and adult women by forcing them to engage in commercial sex acts and posting sexually explicit photos of them on the Internet.” , Lesko said.

According to court documents, from December 2019 until his arrest, Lampley-Reid allegedly used violence and the threat of violence to coerce many women into committing commercial sex acts for his benefit, including by minors as young as 15 years old. .

Lampley-Reid used social media and other internet applications to build relationships with potential victims, prepared these victims by feigning love interest in them, manipulated them into working for him as prostitutes, then effectively enslaved them through acts of force and coercion, the court documents show.

In addition, Lampley-Reid demanded that the proceeds of the “dates” be returned to him, and any resistance from the victims was met with violence or threats.

Lampley-Reid has been trafficked on Long Island, including motels in East Meadow, Freeport, and Rockville Center, as well as outside the state, including locations in Florida, Maryland and North Carolina, according to court documents.

He also had sex with his victims, including minors, and supplied them with illegal narcotics.

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