Lujan Grisham pardons 19 convicted of various offenses, including violent crimes | Local News

Nineteen people convicted of various crimes, including a number of violent offenses, were pardoned Friday by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

“This latest pardon from Governor Lujan Grisham’s executive follows 12 pardons issued in January 2021 and 19 in 2020, the latter being the first pardons issued in the state since 2012,” the governor’s office said in A press release.

Most of the 19 people pardoned on Friday were convicted of non-violent offenses, but the list includes a number of more serious crimes, including a shooting in a home and aggravated assault.

“Clemency is granted to those who have paid their debts, expressed genuine contrition and made amends and sincere for their breaches,” Nora Meyers Sackett, the governor’s press secretary, wrote in an email.

“The two offenses you are referring to were committed at least a quarter of a century ago – that does not detract from the seriousness of some offenses, but those who have made amends and changed their lives deserve the chance to go. forward, ”she wrote.

Other forgiven offenses include fraud, witness bribery, embezzlement, harboring a criminal, shoplifting, forgery, domestic violence, aggravated burglary, cocaine trafficking and prostitution.

The governor’s pardons restore certain rights to people who have benefited from clemency, in particular the right to vote, to hold public office and to bear arms.

The governor has the power to grant “pardons and reprieve” under the state constitution, which states that the governor’s decision to pardon is “free from any consideration other than conscience and wisdom and public duty of the governor ”.

“The governor’s power of pardon extends to all offenses committed under state law other than the offenses of impeachment and treason,” the press release said. “The governor does not have the power to pardon convictions for violations of municipal ordinances or convictions of another jurisdiction, such as convictions from other states and convictions under federal law.”

The governor also does not have the power to erase or seal arrest or conviction records.

Requests for pardon are filed with the Secretary of State. The applications are referred for consideration to the state parole board, which provides non-binding recommendations to the governor, the press release said.

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