Man charged with sex trafficking after kidnapping child to work as prostitute in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas man has been taken into custody over allegations of child sex trafficking.

According to an arrest report obtained by 8 News Now, Matthew Davis faces felony charges for allegedly forcing a minor to work as a prostitute under his supervision.

Police were initially told of a minor who may have been sexually trafficked on May 11. They were told that the young girl could stay at the Grand Chateau.

Police were able to locate the girl on the property and transported her to a secure metro building.

In an interview with police, the girl said she met Davis about a year or two ago on the “Seeking Arrangements” website. She said they added themselves on Snapchat.

The girl told police she wanted to run away from her home, and Davis told her he ran an “escort company” in Vegas. Davis reportedly told her that he would provide her with accommodation if she started “escorting” him for him.

The girl did not live in Las Vegas, so police said Davis bought a plane ticket and flew out to meet her. Police did not disclose where the girl lived.

The daughter says she stole her grandmother’s vehicle and met Davis at a hotel. She said they had sex at the hotel and later discussed working conditions as a prostitute for him.

Fearing that his guardians were looking for them, the two then went to another hotel. There, Davis informed the victim that she had to start work to reimburse her for her plane ticket.

Davis then asked the girl to start meeting clients on her “Seeking Arrangements” account. While staying at the new hotel, the girl said she had two prostitution dates.

The victim said he traveled to another hotel, had two more dates to prostitute himself, and then went to Vegas.

The victim said she started having doubts once she got here. As she was uncomfortable with prostitution dates, the victim said Davis had her 3-year-old daughter looked after.

While babysitting her children, she said he made her have more dates, saying she had to reimburse him for his plane ticket. At that point, the victim decided that she no longer wanted to do this and contacted her family at the home. The FBI was then contacted shortly thereafter.

After questioning the victim, the police extracted the files from the hotels and found numerous inscriptions under the name of “Matthew Davis”. The victim then correctly chose Davis’ photo in a program.

Davis was then located at the Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip and police took him into custody without incident.

During an interview with Davis, he allegedly denied ever having brought the victim into prostitution for him and that she only worked as a babysitter. He also brushed off questions about buying condoms and spermicide from victims for prostitution dates, saying it was not illegal to buy these items.

Davis also told police the girl pretended to be 18 when they met online.

Police then arrested Davis on the following counts:

  • Child sex trafficking
  • Removal
  • Child abuse / neglect
  • Living on the income of a prostitute

Davis was enrolled in the Clark County Detention Center.

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