Media silent on Hunter Biden’s Russian counterintelligence scandal

JThe bizarre saga of Hunter Biden’s hijacked laptop is one of the biggest scandals in recent history of journalism and American politics.

In the final month of the 2020 election campaign, Democrats, much of the media, and Big Tech worked together to suppress talk of this laptop and its unflattering content. They did it in a way that smacks of collusion. The impact of this suppression on the election is difficult to gauge, however, since no one had actually killed relevant news stories in such an overtly partisan way before.

That was then.

In the more than 20 months since then, the media has gradually decided that maybe there was something there after all. The
original statement
that the “laptop from hell” was just plain Russian misinformation gave way to the reality that it was the property of the careless first son. The Washington Examiner ordered a forensic examination which proved as much. Other outlets like the New York Timesthe Washington PostNBC News and Politics reluctantly admitted that it really is Biden’s laptop and that the sordid information it contains is real.

Not that the media seems interested in pursuing spin-off stories from this laptop about what Biden and his father were up to — specifically, that is, concerning shady finances with foreign ties. There’s a plethora of data to work with, but the liberal media doesn’t seem keen on reporting any of it. Apparently, it’s now okay to admit that it really was Biden’s laptop, but no one is supposed to discuss its contents.

So the onus is on the conservative media to do these reporting, and some of these discoveries can rightly be called bombshells. Yet it is still trees falling in the forests that many people do not hear about since the media continues to ignore these investigative reports.

Take the case of the exclusive story reported this week by the Washington Examiner. This concerns the younger Biden’s fairly recent alliances with Russian escorts, which were funded by his father. Personally, I don’t care about his prolific sexual antics during his years of epic drug use, but when it comes to Russians and shady finances, it gets into my counterintelligence wheelhouse. To any trained eye, this week’s report raises troubling questions about Biden and his Russian friends.

To sum up, in less than four months in late 2018 and early 2019, Biden spent over $30,000 on Russian escorts, many linked to Russian “.ru” email addresses and worked with a exclusive models” called UberGFE. . He exchanged numerous text messages with a woman named Eva, who was his main point of contact at UberGFE. Eva called him “Robert,” which is actually Biden’s first name. As the Washington Examiner report notes, his bank accounts “were temporarily frozen at one point because his attempts to pay his ‘daughters’ with Russian email accounts were too much of a ‘red flag’ for his bank.” The president’s son also Googled “dc russian escorts” and visited the UberGFE website to search for escorts in Boston.

The report also notes that the elder Biden was funding Hunter Biden’s alliances with Russian escorts. The current president wired his son over $100,000 during the period in question. Hunter Biden was spending his father’s money as fast as it landed in his accounts. As the report dryly states, “Joe Biden wired his son $5,000 while actively engaged with an UberGFE escort. … Text messages indicated that Hunter Biden convinced his father to wire him $20,000 to fund his stay in a drug treatment program in New York that he never enrolled in.”

As the Washington Examiner the report points out, there is no indication that President Joe Biden knew what his son was spending that money on. Let’s give the president the benefit of the doubt that he had no idea that Hunter Biden was dumping around $10,000 every month on Russian escorts. What happened is bad enough. In summary, young Biden was looking for Russian escorts in Washington, a city crawling with Russian spies (and many others), while giving tens of thousands of dollars to Eva, who appears to have run a human trafficking ring. humans. For years, Democrats and their media allies have insisted that former President Donald Trump was “compromised” by the Kremlin. Well, this story constitutes the worst kompromat that the media has ever reliably reported on the Trump family.

In other words, this is an explosive report. This has troubling counterintelligence implications for the first son and potentially the Biden family. You’d think the media would eagerly expand on this intriguing story in an effort to “tell truth to power” and all that.

We would be wrong.

Since Washington Examiner report appeared, it was commented on in a few centre-right outlets, but Google searches reveal no other media amplification of the story. This coordinated ignoring of a major story with national security implications amounts to censorship. It used to work in October 2020, but it no longer works.

If Republicans retake the House of Representatives in January, as seems likely, expect to hear more about the case. And rightly so.

John R. Schindler served with the National Security Agency as a senior intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer.

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