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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmakers to ensure they respond swiftly to opposition claims about the government’s response to Covid-19 and vaccine availability, saying the Congress was in a “coma” and was unable to digest as the BJP came to power.

Addressing a meeting of the parliamentary BJP party, the prime minister said everyone should prepare for a likely third wave of the pandemic and secure more boots on the ground. A party leader said the prime minister asked MPs to ensure that the vaccination campaign in their respective constituencies runs smoothly.

Since vaccination will be the key to preventing infections, the prime minister said not only MPs should ensure that reluctance to vaccination is addressed, but also refute any false claims made by the opposition on the lack of vaccines, ”said the head of the BJP on condition of anonymity.

Sharing details of the meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said the prime minister expressed concern about the attitude of the opposition, especially Congress, which he said still believed that only he had the right to be in power. Modi said Congress was in a “coma” and unable to digest the BJP’s rise to power, the chief executive quoted above said on condition of anonymity.

“In particular, Congress believes power is their right and they work with that mindset. The PM wishes the discussions in Parliament to be fruitful; Congress is showing the most irresponsible behavior in disrupting the Chambers, ”Joshi said.

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The main opposition party criticized the government for its lack of preparedness for the second wave of the pandemic, which overwhelmed the country’s health infrastructure. Opposition parties have also demanded a government statement in parliament on the issue. On Tuesday, while participating in a discussion on the Covid-19 situation, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said so far only 5.33% of the total population had received two doses of the vaccine.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the prime minister said the government was willing to hold talks in both houses of parliament, but the opposition was behaving irresponsibly. He said the Covid-19 crisis was not a political but a humanitarian issue and the government made sure no one went hungry, another leader said, asking not to be named.

Such a pandemic has been observed around the world after almost 100 years; the last time in such a situation, people faced severe food shortage, but this time the government made sure that no one slept hungry, Joshi said, citing the prime minister.

Another leader said the prime minister told his colleagues that the opposition had not been able to raise issues on the basis of “logic and fact” and therefore chose to disrupt Parliament.

The prime minister said in Delhi nearly 20% of frontline workers were still not vaccinated against Covid-19, the second leader said. He told his party colleagues that a deliberate attempt was being made to create a negative atmosphere in the country.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s jibe, Congress said that all of these statements made by the Prime Minister were in fact aimed at “distracting” people from the real issues, including Pegasus spyware where the “right to citizens’ privacy and also national security ”has been compromised. .

Shama Mohammad, spokesman for the Congress party, said: “The government was trying to keep everyone in the illusion by avoiding issues that require immediate discussion in parliament. She added that the government has neither denied nor accepted that it used the Pegasus spyware. “If they haven’t used it, then the government of another country is spying on us because Pegasus can only be used by approved governments,” she added.

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