More Americans are now seeing media influence growing – not in a good way

President Trump called it “fake news,” but this “fake news” played a major role in helping Joe Biden win the White House.

A new study from the Pew Research Center has found that more Americans are now growing media influence compared to a year ago.

“The influence of the media is increasing from a year ago,” said Bryan Preston of PJ Media, “but it’s not because the media has become better at their job or more credible.”

For example, when you look back to 2020, the mainstream media has played a major role in promoting the fear of a pandemic on Covid. They also declined to report on the Hunter Biden scandal, as well as the riots and looting that took place across the country. But they had no problem bashing Trump, while doing everything they could to promote and support Joe Biden.

The report also shows that there is a clear divide on the subject of media influence between Republicans and Democrats. “If you’re a Democrat, you’re more likely to trust the mainstream media because it reflects your views, and you’re more likely to see its influence grow as a good thing. If you’re a Republican, though. “You see the media as contradictory at best.”

Both sides agree the media has more influence, with more for Democrats. So how does Preston plan to use it?

“The mainstream media is abusing its growing influence primarily because it doesn’t reflect what most Americans think. It pushes far-left views.”

Unfortunately, this is something that we have been seeing for 4 years. Preston also told KTRH that he believes the big tech social media giants need to be dismantled before we can move forward.

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