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Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, met Helena Croft, CEO of charity Streetlight UK

This was to discuss the support available for those involved in prostitution in East Sussex.

Streetlight UK is a specialist and accessible frontline support service operating in Sussex, Surrey and London providing women with tangible and material pathways out of a lifestyle of prostitution, exploitation and violence.

The majority of those caught in the act of prostitution are women, sometimes even young girls. Streetlight UK provides ongoing, non-judgmental support to those seeking help to exit prostitution and helps them feel established and empowered to live a new life free from exploitation and control within the sex trade. In 2021, they supported nearly 600 women involved in prostitution in East Sussex alone, including several cases directly in Wealden.

For more information or to get in touch with Streetlight UK, visit their website:

Nus Ghani said: “We must never judge the choices women make, including women who choose to prostitute themselves. At this recent meeting, I was made aware of the number of women of all ages and backgrounds who are entering the sex trade as a means of income, and I am concerned for those who are coerced or trapped in this situation in Wealden . Streetlight UK offer a discreet wraparound service and I am happy to support them in raising awareness in the wider community about the dangers and harms of prostitution, especially for young people who are groomed and sexually exploited. If you need help, know that you will not be challenged or judged and contact them or the police. I will continue to work with neighboring MPs to support Streetlight UK services in East Sussex.

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