New research suggests Scott Morrison is Australia’s least trusted politician

The end could be near for Scott Morrison and his government, with new research data indicating he is Australia’s most distrustful politician.

Research by Roy Morgan showed that 2021 ended with “increasing levels of mistrust” in the current coalition government and its leaders.

The Prime Minister came first on the country’s most suspicious list, along with other coalition leaders who snapped at him.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce came second, while Defense Minister Peter Dutton was number three. Ouch.

With 2022 being a federal election year, the national poll could make some Canberra MPs sweat as the threat of being thrown into opposition looms.

In another sting for the Coalition, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese ranked as the second most trustworthy politician after Labor’s Penny Wong.

The MP Trust poll was taken in March, with more than 1,400 Australians called to find out their views on the country’s biggest politicians.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine detailed the issues that caused Australians to lose faith in Morrison and the coalition.

“When Scott Morrison won the ‘unwinnable’ election, things changed – more people thought the government was doing a good job and fewer people distrusted the government,” Levine said.

“But in June 2021, everything turned around – the Black Summer bushfires, the end of JobKeeper, parliamentary sex scandals, COVID vaccination delays – everything caused trust to plummet and mistrust to rise.

“Australian political contests are no longer won on trust alone, they are lost on mistrust.”

The research also indicated that a potential battle for leadership could unfold if the Coalition loses the election and leaves the Liberal-National Party struggling to get back into the good graces of the Australian people.

“With Peter Dutton Australia’s second most distrustful politician and Josh Frydenberg almost out of the top ten, this could well become crucial if the Coalition loses the May election and there is a leadership battle between Frydenberg and Dutton” , said Ms. Levine.

The Prime Minister has yet to call the 2022 federal election, but according to the Commonwealth Elections Act 1918 and the Australian Constitution, the federal election date cannot be later than May 21 – meaning these data released so close to the big day may signal disaster for the current government.

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