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AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott

As the public continues to learn more about the extent of the scandal and the cover-up surrounding the shady overseas business dealings and illegal activities of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, it has become increasingly clear that the New York Posts the bold coverage of the story, and the ensuing censorship, is one of the defining moments in recent history. Despite the best efforts of Big Tech, elected Democrats and the mainstream media to suppress the truth, the Biden family corruption saga and the Posts early reports of “the laptop from hell” revealed corruption, dishonesty and collusion at the highest levels of government and the media establishment.

A little over two years ago, on October 14, 2020, the New York Post revealed to the world that he had acquired a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden. That laptop contained documents that linked Hunter to a litany of potential criminal activity that also involved Joe Biden. In the report that followed, the Job detailed how Biden’s son used his father’s influence as vice president to help secure jobs and contracts with foreign state-backed companies. Once in these postsHunter reportedly acted as a liaison to secure additional lucrative business opportunities for the entire Biden family.

Normally, the facts of a story like this would send shockwaves through the political world. Here, there was apparently clear evidence that Joe Biden was peddling his influence as vice president so his family could reap millions. Yet almost all mainstream publications refuse to cover the story. Instead, they baselessly and relentlessly claimed that the laptop and all the documents it contained were a giant “Russian disinformation campaign”.

But denying the truth of the story was not enough. The authors of the Job expose, Emma Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrougerelentless face criticalvsismaccusations of incompetenceand even conspiracies that they were in collusion with Russian foreigners officers. The owner of the Delaware computer repair shop who alerted the FBI to the existence of the laptop also faces anonymous death threats and harassment from the IRS and other government agencies.

Then the New York Post the entire account was banned on Twitter, just like somebody who shared their reports. Twitter went so far as to lock the White House press secretary’s account unless she deleted her tweet sharing the story.

These measures were not merely performative. The relentless campaign threatens the future of publishing and the career of every journalist in the Job. In addition to the institution’s attempt to inflict incalculable damage to the reputation of Jobbeing “de-platformed” by a major site like Twitter would also result in significant financial loss for the 220-year-old newspaper.

In order to justify Big Tech and mainstream media censorship on the Job, a cabal of fifty-one former intelligence officials, all of whom turned out to be Never-Trumpers, sign an open letter calling the story “probably Russian disinformation”.

Yet, to the lasting credit of the New York Post writing, they have not moved. They refused to back down and maintained their reporting.

Slowly over the past two years, publication after the reluctant publication conceded that they were wrong to reject the story. Some publications like CNN and the Washington Post even offered quiet my culpa, acknowledging that the laptop was genuine and that the information it contained was legitimate. In March 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that blocking the story was a “total mistake”.

Of course, all of this only happened after Biden was securely installed in the White House, and Republican calls for an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings have always been summarily dismissed as a distraction.

But the conspiracy to suppress the story went far beyond the media and a few disgruntled former officials. During appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in August, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the platform had “limited the scope” of the Hunter Biden story due to an FBI warning that it was “Russian disinformation”. In the interview, Zuckerburg said the FBI informed the Facebook founder said “there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election…there’s about to be some kind of dump similar to that, so just be careful.” Shortly after this alert, the New York Post coin ran, and Facebook used its algorithm to remove the story to a “meaningful” degree. Users could share the story, but the number of people who would see it was artificially reduced. The FBI has not yet explained on what basis it sent this warning, although it later emerged that the “analysis” was conducted by some of the same officials who perpetrated the “Russian Collusion” hoax in 2016.

Such tenacity and such courage as that shown in the Posts coverage of the Biden corruption story has historically won publications and journalists a Pulitzer Prize. Yet the journalists who worked on this story received only scorn and hostility from the media establishment. Instead, Pulitzers are assigned to “approved” outlets like the New York Times who toe the Democratic Party line, spreading genuine false narratives like the aforementioned “Russian collusion” narrative involving the 2016 Trump campaign. Former President Donald Trump required let those Pulitzers be canceled. Although the Pulitzer Committee reviewed the awards, it chose to let them stand.

In the end, efforts by the media, Big Tech, Democrats and activist-minded bureaucrats to stifle the Hunter Biden story have largely failed. According to a September poll, 63% of Americans still think the information on the “laptop from hell” is “important.” With Republicans poised to regain control of the House of Representatives in November, they have promised make the investigation of the laptop and all of Hunter Biden’s business dealings a top priority. Regardless of the results of these surveys, Americans will largely have the New York Post and their courageous reporting to thank.

Andrew Abbott is the pseudonym of a writer and public affairs consultant with more than a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.

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