Nigerian youths behind Tinubu, says youth leader

He said the APC was not moved by the propaganda of some politicians who hire few people on social media to look like they have the support of Nigerian youth.

According to him, most Nigerians have been positively impacted by the Federal Government’s Trader Moni program run by APC and the Young Entrepreneur Grants.

He added that the party’s social investment programs are reaching many families in various communities across the country.

“A lot of young people are part of the APC and we are proud to have them here.

“We have more young people on the outside, and if you attend our rallies in the state, from Oyo to Bauchi, and everywhere, you see thousands of young people in the APC.

“Don’t listen to all the propaganda that young people are not with our party. Young people are with our party,” Abdallahi said.

He said the summit was organized for young Nigerians, who constituted 20% of Nigeria’s more than 200 million people, to discuss the country they wanted.

He said it was important for them to come together and discuss the key roles they want to play in the upcoming general election and their expectations of the next CPA administration under Tinubu.

Abdullahi said the APC leadership has already put in place measures that have a positive impact on young people, which will encourage them to vote APC in 2023.

These, according to him, include creating opportunities for the empowerment of young people and their awareness to understand their role in the development and building of a great nation.

He added that ahead of the party’s last primaries, a 50% discount for the purchase of expression of interest and nomination forms was approved for aspirants under 40 in the party.

“It’s because we want to bring young people into Parliament, the House of Assembly and the National Assembly,” he said.

Asked what was being done to deal with the continuing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), the APC youth leader said the issues in dispute were fundamental and needed to be addressed.

Abdullahi said that while the government was committed to dealing with the strike, the issues required both ASUU and the government to reach a compromise.

“The government is working to make sure they can reach a compromise. Everyone needs to change.

“Everyone has to find a way, some common ground to compromise, you can’t put all the blame on the government,” he underlined.

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