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The woman who made international headlines a decade ago as a soccer mom, accused of running an Upper East Side call girl ring for millionaires, says she believes she was running a legitimate practice and didn’t think it was doing anything wrong.

“I actually thought it was OK. And I thought I was running a business like Martha Stewart and there was nothing wrong with that,” Anna Gristina said, in her first TV interview since she pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution.

Even 10 years after being at the center of a global media frenzy, Gristina remains unapologetic. The suburban soccer player from Scotland was charged by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office with a single count of promoting prostitution, a charge that followed a years-long investigation into her dealings with high-profile clients she says she declined to name.

In an exclusive interview with News 4 New York, Anna Gristina says she will reveal the “bizarre” desires of her ultra-rich clients in a tell-all book.

“This case was never about prostitution, it was about politics,” Gristina said. “I was abducted from the street and they wanted me to become a confidential informant… They wanted me to trap people and record them, they wanted to smear these people. They wanted leverage for political gain.

She says she refused and so spent four months on Rikers Island. In a prison interview with the Today Show, she maintained that she just ran a dating service, saying it was “like”.

But a few months later, considering a possible sentence of seven years in prison, she pleaded guilty to this count of prostitution. She was sentenced to time served, as well as probation.

“I was bullied into the plea deal,” Gristina said.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said at the time that Gristina was responsible for her decisions and rented women’s bodies for profit, which made her a pimp.

“I had a year-long waiting list of incredibly educated women from all over the world looking to walk through my door and get a spot on my list,” she said. “Nobody did anything they didn’t want to do. No one was manipulated or coerced.

The 55-year-old still lives in the same upstate New York home, rescuing pigs. She is at peace with her life, but bristles at being called a convicted criminal.

“It ruined my life forever. There’s no turning back,” Gristina said, but added she had no regrets, calling her business “the cleanest the business has had.” never been directed”.

Speaking with NBC New York, Gristina revealed that she’s run the business for nearly 20 years — but not from the Upper East Side apartment the media cited as her brothel. It was just her crash pad when she had late business meetings.

She says the girls met clients in posh Manhattan apartments or hotels.

“The fees could be low, $1,000 an hour with a two-hour minimum, up to $25,000 for a weekend,” which Gristina would get a slice of, she said.

The relationship between clients and women was “based on trust”, she said. She remains firm in not wanting to share the names of her former clients.

“To this day, I still think naming names is the wrong thing to do,” Gristina said. “It defeats the purpose of who I am.”

To make ends meet, Gristina checked out last year’s Lifetime movie, “The Soccer Mom Madam,” and published children’s books under a fictional name. She is also set to publish a fictional novel called “Secret Desires of the One Percent”. No names, she said, but confirmed the stories actually happened – and told News 4 people should read between the lines.

“I picked the most unique ones because they’re so surreal that even sometimes when I read them again, I’m like, ‘Nobody’s going to believe this.’ They are so weird,” Gristina said.

As for her next job, it will be a non-fiction autobiography targeting politicians who she says have used her as a pawn.

“I’m picking you boys up and you better watch out,” she said. “And I’ll put you in the biography, name for name.”

His lawyers have now filed documents in federal court asking that the transcripts of his case – which were previously sealed – be released. She wants her conviction overturned and a new trial.

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