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Weapons legislation

I believe that no legislation can prevent atrocities like mass shootings. If someone undertakes to undertake such an action, he will find the means. However, some laws may help: raising the purchase age for all guns, providing a waiting period before a gun is delivered, and conducting a background check before a gun is delivered. fire. I think “red flag laws” are very questionable as they could easily be abused. Schools can be better protected with unique entrances, more cameras and security guards.

The Second Amendment should not be changed since its main purpose is about tyranny and given the current state of the federal government.



Doubts about the elections

As a retired DA assistant of 35 years, you can rest assured that I am deeply suspicious of stories that simply don’t fit. Joe Biden, while hiding in his basement due to covid, was swept into power by a massive wave when he overthrew several states that were very critical of Donald Trump, right?

Let’s take a closer look at this electoral miracle, shall we?

Let’s look at Pennsylvania, for example. How did a frail, old, uninspiring white man like Biden garner 3,458,229 votes in the 2020 election, far surpassing that energetic young black incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012 when he only got 2,990,274? What happened in Pennsylvania to explain this increase of 467,955 votes?

What about Illinois, President Obama’s home state? Doesn’t it strike you as a little odd that Sleepy Joe got 3,471,915 votes there in 20 while Obama only got 3,019,512 in 12?

We must not forget the critical states of Wisconsin (Biden 1,630,866 in 2020; Obama 1,620,985 in 2012), Arizona (Biden 1,672,143; Obama 1,025,232) and Michigan (Biden 2,804,040; Obama 2,564,569).

And then we had the New York Post print the incredibly important story of Hunter Biden’s corruption a few weeks before the election. It appears Twitter and the other social media companies shut down the story, and other than Fox News, the networks shrugged off the scandal. How many Biden voters would have changed their minds if this had been reported fairly?

So color me a bitter skeptic, folks, that the 2020 election was fair and honest.


horseshoe curvature

Fought and died for

On June 6, 1944, American soldiers fought to save Europe from a man bent on destroying the world. Fast forward to January 6, 2021, and we had a defeated President and apparently several members of Congress attempted a coup to overthrow our government that these men fought for and died on June 6, 1944.



Conflicting ideas

Let’s see, the apparent Republican agenda: right to life and right to buy military-grade assault weapons.

Is there anyone who doesn’t see the contradiction?

What cowards, these Texas politicians!



Education is changing

As teachers, we are often asked, “How has the pandemic changed you as an educator? The reality is that the pandemic has not changed teachers. Instead, it changed the worldview of what, exactly; we do as teachers every day.

It highlighted for parents and community members the ever-changing role of teachers, including the impact they have not only on students’ academic achievement, but also on students’ social and emotional support. . As a teacher, I have certainly felt the ramifications of “pandemic teaching,” such as increased student discipline issues, poor attendance, and, at times, stagnant curriculum progress.

Teachers have been labeled as resilient and innovative for our continued pivot of simultaneous in-person and online instruction over the past two years. However, most of us would rather not stay at the forefront of controversial covid conversations and instead be recognized as professional peers who respond to the needs of every student who walks through our classroom door. Covid-based conversations with educators need to shift to more constructive dialogue, such as: “What have you learned teaching during a pandemic?” and “How do you use this new knowledge to improve your career in the future?”

As we continue to hope, pray, and plan for normalcy for the school year ahead, I hope policymakers will ask educators for input and feedback on current practices that need to be adjusted. The next time you have a discussion with a current teacher; ask them questions about their pedagogy and how best to leverage your position, skills, and contribution to enhance the teaching experience for everyone involved in the education process. While covid has brought us nothing else, it has revealed the need for community involvement and parent partnership in schools.



The end of a society

Endocracy: The last days of a democracy as it comes to an end through the failure of its people to respect the values ​​of others. The loss of respect for common decency and the abandonment of law and order. Anarchy reigns, economic values ​​crumble, and mob rule justifies the murder of its citizens by armed malcontents. The country eventually starves when food and water become the main currency.

How many of these trends currently exist in the United States, and how many of them are we adopting while doing nothing to stop them?


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