NPCC briefs Sonia Gandhi on demographic changes in Nagaland

Dimapur: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) briefed Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi on the ongoing demographic changes in Nagaland.

A delegation from the NPCC met Gandhi in New Delhi, NPCC chairman K Therie said on Friday.

The Pradesh Congress held the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government in the state responsible for the delay in implementing the two formal agreements between the Indian government and the negotiating teams of NSCN (IM) and groups Naga national policies.

“The problem is no longer with the insurgents. It is with the state government wanting to get out of troubled waters,” he told Gandhi.

According to the NPCC, among some significant changes that have taken place in the state is the election of a BJP candidate in Rajya Sabha without opposition from a Christian state.

He pointed out that the corrupt electoral practice of accepting money and materials from corrupt leaders in exchange for votes is another system that has become deeply rooted in democratic election.

“Tolerating extortion, illegal activities and allowing young people to join extortion forces without any objection from customary and administrative guardians has become the norm,” the Pradesh Congress told Gandhi.

Alleging that all development funds have been cut for ministers, officers and multiple factions, he said such actions are accepted and they call it commission, contribution and donation.

The NPCC lamented that corrupt ministers and officers are buying up hundreds and thousands of acres of land and constructing multi-story buildings across the state.

Stating that funds from the department of tourism and medicine are used to develop personal properties, he said “the entire budget for 20 years has faded away”.

“It no longer seeps into the neighborhoods. The Nagas have already lost their work culture as our customs, honesty and hospitality which people talk a lot about when referring to the Nagas are in danger of being overwhelmed,” he said.

Accusing the UDA government of destroying the inherent social structure, the NPCC said it compromised the state’s Christian faith to protect itself from the NIA, CBI, ED and justice.

Calling on the NPCC to retaliate to restore the traditional values ​​and faith of the Nagas, Gandhi said that Jawaharlal Nehru and the Gandhi family gave protection to the state under the Constitution which must be preserved and protected.

Gandhi also assured to reorganize the Northeast Congress Coordinating Committee and the Northeast Youth Congress Coordinating Committee and to stand with the NPCC in its struggle.

The NPCC assured to reach out to all concerned citizens and share the dangers of the disappearance of the traditional values ​​and faith of the Nagas.

The NPCC delegation was accompanied by the AICC Officer in Nagaland, Dr. Ajoy Kumar.

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