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With the recent events in Afghanistan that have weakened our country and dishonored us in the eyes of the world, Americans come face to face with the man they elected to lead their country in November 2020. At a time of strength, courage, tenacity, and most importantly, leadership, were needed to avert disaster, Joe Biden was woefully short.

But Joe Biden isn’t alone to blame – he and the media own this disaster.

Biden wouldn’t be president today without major help from media run by The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. They led Joe Biden’s presidential campaign while he remained crouched in his basement and out of sight of the American people. The press was well aware of Biden’s shortcomings, but their intense hatred for Donald Trump led them to discredit him at every opportunity, as they supported “Sleepy Joe” and deceived the American people into believing he was right. for our country.

At a minimum, they should have raised the issue of Joe Biden’s mental acuity and let the American people decide if they had enough in their tank to take the most important job on the planet.

Additionally, they have kept the American people in the dark about the Hunter Biden scandal – his sexual exploits, illegal drug use, and lucrative financial dealings with China, which may have compromised Joe Biden. These are well documented on Hunter’s laptop which, ironically, is in FBI custody. If Americans had known about this fiasco – which they certainly would have if Donald Trump Jr. was involved in Hunter Biden’s place – it most likely would have cost Biden the election.

But some of the best media work has taken place since Biden took office and opened our southern border to anyone who wants to enter. In the seven months that Biden has occupied the White House, 1.5 million migrants have been welcomed at our southern border. with around 15 to 20% of these migrants testing positive for Covid.

At one point, these people are put on planes and buses, transported to inner quarters without our knowledge. This is not only an unconstitutional and impenetrable offense, but also a national crisis of monumental proportions that gravely cripples our border states and threatens America’s very security. Yet the mainstream media have been “crickets”.

In July alone, more than 210,000 people crossed the border (to our knowledge), yet our president has not yet visited there, our vice-president, who was responsible for managing this file, no. didn’t hold a press conference, and the nation’s most watched television news channel (CBS) didn’t even talk about it for a whole month!

I was absolutely amazed when I saw the nightly network’s news numbers for the month of July: NBC Nightly News showed massive 3 minutes and 43 seconds coverage of the border crisis; ABC World News Tonight showed 37 seconds of coverage, and CBS News showed absolutely no coverage for the entire month!

America has been kept in the dark about this crisis under cover of the media, as undocumented immigrants continue to flood our country.

Unfortunately, the news media today acts as a public relations committee for the Democratic Party, providing coverage – or coverage as needed, to promote their socialist agenda. In a healthy democratic society, the news media should remain fiercely independent and act as the fourth branch of government, overseeing and holding the other three branches accountable for their actions. There can be no democracy without an independent press – this leads to a one-party system of government and, ultimately, totalitarianism. Unfortunately, we are closer to that than people realize.

– Greg Levengood,


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