Pam & Tommy: 10 facts about the new Hulu miniseries

With a few more episodes coming to Hulu in the coming weeks, Pam and Tommy is the new hit mini-series about the famous Hollywood it-couple of the 90s, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The show sheds light on their whirlwind romance, as well as what really happened behind the scenes of the notorious sex tape scandal, and Lily James and Sebastian Stan have taken a hard look at their perspective roles.

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Not only did the actors have to transform into these characters, appearance-wise, but it was obvious that they did extra work in order to sell their performances more. Although there is a lot of speculation about what really happened behind the scandal, there are some indisputable truths behind the project that all fans should know.


The show was adapted from a revealing 2014 Rolling Stone article

While at the time of the scandal there was a lot of speculation about how the tape was released, there was an article published in 2014 that seemed to finally answer some of the burning questions surrounding the situation. According to Variety, rolling stone The author, Amanda Chicago Lewis, managed to set the record straight and track down the man responsible for the theft and distribution of the home movie, Rand Gauthier.

Ever since the article was published, fans around the world have been stunned to find out the truth and instantly wanted to know more. Given the obvious public obsession with Hollywood scandals, the buzz surrounding this Hulu TV show has definitely got fans excited.

Lily contacted Pamela for advice and support, to no avail

In order to honor Pamela in a respectful way, Lily James pledged to do it the right way. Nonetheless, Pamela’s position on the project was clear when Lily received no feedback from the Baywatch alum. In an interview with Net to wearLily said she “hoped she would be involved and wished things were different”, going on to say that her “only intention was to deal with the story and play Pamela in an authentic way”.

However, it’s clear after the release of this miniseries that James’ hard work has paid off. Although the world will already know Lily James through her best movie roles, this show will undoubtedly propel her further into stardom, thanks to her extreme dedication to the role.

Tommy was in touch with Sebastian and he approved of the ‘beautiful’ and ‘cool’ story

Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

Although Lily had trouble reaching Pamela, it seemed that Sebastian had no trouble connecting with Tommy Lee. In an interview with E.entertainment tonight and reported by NewsWeek, Tommy revealed that he and Sebastian had been in contact, and he was “thrilled” that people were watching. Lee then shared his thoughts on the new series, “The story is really cool…it’s a cool story and people need to know.”

Fans quickly wondered about Pamela and Tommy’s involvement in the miniseries, as they wanted to know how accurate the portrayals were going to be. While it’s clear that Pamela didn’t want a hand in the making of the show, it was refreshing for viewers to find that Tommy didn’t mind the extra attention.

Tommy really licked Pamela’s face when they first met

Pam and Tommy first met Sebastian Stan Lily James

Fans were a bit surprised and even confused to see Tommy lick Pamela’s face when they first met. But according to Tommy’s memoir, tommylandand report on Slate, it really happened. Lee says, “I worked my way through [her] stand, slid into her girlfriends lap and forced me into space right next to her. Then I grabbed her face and just licked the side, from chin to temple.

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Lee attributes this boost to the influence of ecstasy and large amounts of champagne, however, Pamela found the act charming and did the same with her friends. Still, he remembers that moment as an act of appreciation for her beauty, and they continued to stare into each other’s eyes for the rest of the night.

Rand Gauthier was actually an electrician, not a carpenter

Although a minor detail in the show, Rand is portrayed as a carpenter, with various shots of him drilling nails into the bed frame and inspecting various wooden furniture in the bedroom. room they were building. However, Gauthier revealed in the viral rolling stone article that he was actually an electrician. This small difference didn’t mean much, because he was still suddenly fired, without pay, and forced to leave immediately without his tools.

According to the famous story, this conflict caused Gauthier to exact revenge on Tommy by breaking in during the night and stealing their precious safe. Hoping to only stumble upon expensive jewelry, he stumbled across something far more valuable and secret: Tommy and Pamela’s sex tape.

Sebastian and Lily frequently screamed into pillows to get hoarse voices like their characters

As if extreme prosthetics and appearance-altering makeup work weren’t enough, Sebastian admitted in a TV interview with Jimmy Kimmel that he and Lily sometimes scream into pillows in order to achieve the hoarse-voiced effect. Willing to do almost anything to give an authentic performance, Sebastian confessed that they “were both terrified to play these characters” because “these are real life people”.

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Among several other quirky practices, Sebastian was so devoted to his craft that he even went so far as to frequently walk around his house in a thong, as reported. BuzzFeed, which was also a Tommy Lee trend. “When you’re carrying…luggage, you’re fine in a thong,” Sebastian said.

It took about 3 hours a day to turn Sebastian into Tommy

Pam and Tommy

Of the many things fans never knew about Sebastian Stan, his ability to portray Tommy Lee so well is one of them, largely because of how long he’s been in the makeup chair. According to USA todaySebastian spent at least three hours a day in the makeup trailer, and two of those hours were spent applying the tattoos alone.

Along with deep makeup and prosthetic nipples, Sebastian was even encouraged to grow stubble and temporarily change his hair pattern, as well as change his eye color using brown-colored contacts. While it’s hard to see the natural resemblance between Tommy and Sebastian in real life, it’s safe to say that the hair and makeup team can accomplish anything with their immense skills and endless creativity.

Lily wore a prosthetic breast, along with several other modifications

Lily James in Pam & Tommy

Thanks to the hair and makeup team, Lily was able to be transformed into Pamela Anderson in a shockingly accurate way, for a casting in which the actor looks a lot like the real person. Turning the famous girl-next-door into a sexy bombshell was just steps away, including adding a prosthetic breast.

While Sebastian spent a lot of time doing his hair and makeup, Lily spent even more time in the makeup trailer, according to the same. USA today article — four hours, to be exact. In addition to her fake breasts, she had a prosthetic forehead to give her the appearance of a higher brow bone, upper and lower dental pieces to push out her upper lip a bit more, and colored contacts to pay homage to the famous eyes. Pamela’s bruises.

Sebastian spent months learning to play drums for the role.

Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee playing drums in Pam and Tommy

Stan was serious about honing his craft, which is evident in his efforts to truly master Tommy’s talents, mannerisms, and personality. The actor has spent months honing his drumming skills, according to Varietyto embody Lee’s style, even in the famous “Tommy drumstick twirl”.

The actor also read Tommy’s autobiographies in preparation for the role, in addition to watching endless amounts of his interviews, in an effort to further flesh out his performance. Fans admire his dedication to the role, and his hard work is easily revealed in the form of his portrayal of Lee.

Great attention to detail has been given to Tommy and Pam’s hairstyles in the show

Release of episode 4 of Pam and Tommy

In addition to the impeccable work done by the makeup team, the producers made sure to pay homage to the recognizable hairstyles of the two stars in the most precise way possible. Barber Barry Lee Moe wanted Stan to wear a wig (Variety) which perfectly embodied Lee’s rockstar hair. However, Stan politely disagreed, stating that he really wanted to connect with the character by having real hair that “looked lived in”.

While Sebastian went to a hair salon for a Brazilian straightening and a new dye, Lily’s hairstylists made sure to alter her hairstyle to suit her mood. According to the stylist, the different wigs were designed to represent the life stages she was in, a more messy style for a carefree attitude and more serious times for more conservative and neat hairstyles.

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