Police dismantle a prostitution ring of 15 million MOP, nine arrests

The judicial police (PJ) arrested nine residents suspected of organizing prostitution via an online discussion forum. They reportedly earned some MOP 15 million ($1.86 million) from this program over a 10-year period.

The criminal group used online chat groups to recruit sex workers and arranged for staff to post advertisements about prostitution and write “positive comments” in the chat room they set up, while offering adult product delivery services, police authorities say, as TDM reports.

Over 52,000 prostitution ads were posted on the chatroom, and police estimated that the criminal group made over MOP15 million in illegal profits by charging sex workers MOP300 for each message as “advertising costs”.

The PJ said the website, which is now closed, has been operational for 10 years, with tens of thousands of accounts registered on the website.

In a joint action yesterday (Sunday), the Judicial Police and the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau arrested 9 members of the criminal group in Macao from 8 residential units, 1 shop and 4 hotels in the NAPE area.

Meanwhile, the two leaders of the criminal group have also been arrested, along with a 34-year-old local IT officer who was responsible for running the chat room, with the suspects transferred to the prosecution office for further investigation.

Twenty-six sex workers were also detained, one of them holding a fake Macau resident ID card, while a large number of adult products were seized in the joint action. ‘yesterday.

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