Police prostitute and accomplices arrested after robbing John with shotgun and bat at Wayne Hotel

A potential customer who believed he was dating a prostitute at a Wayne motel was robbed, instead, after the prostitute let in a pair of gun mates – all of whom were later caught, authorities said.

The victim told police he met a woman at the Days Inn on Route 23 “with the intention of paying her for sex,” Detective Captain Dan Daly said on Tuesday.

Shortly after his arrival, there was a knock on the door, he said.

The woman opened the door and let in another woman, who was carrying a bag, and a man who was carrying a guitar case, the victim told police.

Both were wearing balaclavas and masks, he said.

The man pulled a shotgun from the guitar case and pointed at the victim as the woman pulled a baseball bat out of the bag, Daly said.

Both threatened him and demanded his valuables, the victim said.

The man then handed the shotgun to the second woman, who pointed it at the victim’s head, he said.

They then ordered him to stay in the bathroom with the door closed as they fled with his things, Daly said.

Investigators led by Detective Michael Polifrone examined surveillance footage that showed the three thieves entering the motel.

They also had a huge tip to work with.

It turns out that the victim had already dated the same prostitute.

Her name was Mariam, he said, and she had spent time at the Red Carpet Motel on Route 46 in Elmwood Park.

Detectives from Wayne and Elmwood Park found Mariam Mohammed, 22, of Clifton on the red carpet last Friday, Daly said.

Wayne Detective Sgt. Vincent Ricciardelli and Detective Ken Hart went to his bedroom with Elmwood Park Detective Christopher Miranda.

Wayne Detective Tom Kartanowicz has covered every possible escape route.

Mohammed opened the door and Ricciardelli immediately spotted his accomplices sitting on a bed, Daly said.

She and the other two – Jessica Bell-Tulloch, 22, of Paterson and Damony James, 20, of Passaic – were arrested without incident, he said.

A baseball bat was also found in the room.

“Statements have been made [at headquarters] who recognized the exceptional shotgun and provided a description of it that matched the victim’s description of the weapon, ”Daly said.

Wayne’s detectives searched James’ apartment in Passaic, aided by city police, and found the shotgun, the captain said.

They also found the victim’s ID and bank cards, he said.

Mohammed, Bell-Tulloch and James were charged with robbery, burglary, theft and weapons related offenses and sent to Passaic County Jail to await detention hearings.

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