‘Pragya has come to stay’ – Cape Coast North MP calls on government to legalize him

Cape Coast North MP Dr Kwamena Minta Nyarku urged the government to legalize and regulate the tricycle (Pragya) trade to help reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

He said the reduced rate of crime and violence was the result of Pragya’s affairs, adding that “Pragya has come to stay in the country”.

Speaking at a one-day summit with runners from Pragya in the metropolis of Cape Coast, he called for effective and informed dialogue with stakeholders to legalize the business to alleviate the plight of young people .

The summit was hosted by the offices of the two MPs for Cape Coast North and South constituencies.

The MP urged riders to be disciplined, law abiding and obey car traffic rules and regulations to avoid accidents.

He told them to follow Assembly directives and negotiate with executives if the directives affected their businesses.

He pledged his support and commitment to ensure the well-being of the population in terms of job creation to improve their standard of living.

Cape Coast South Constituency MP George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, who also spoke at the summit, reiterated his calls for the government to legalize the tricycle trade to reduce unemployment in the country.

He said that although the business is illegal, in reality it is a necessity for the survival of young people, many of whom are currently unemployed – a situation, he noted, compromises the security of the country.

Mr. Ricketts-Hagan called on all stakeholders to put aside their political affiliations and work together to ensure massive development and a better future for the country’s youth.

He called on the government to empower young people to be useful citizens so that they can contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

Mr Ricketts-Hagan urged bikers to participate in a training program organized by his office to educate and educate them about road signs, rules and regulations in riding.

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