Prime Minister Imran says PTI government will complete five-year term

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the PTI government will complete its five-year term as the PDM alliance lacked confidence to oust the incumbent setup.

Addressing a party rally in Hafizabad, Punjab, the prime minister said it was the duty of the state and the judiciary to stop the bargaining as convicted politicians tried to overthrow the government using looted money.

Corrupt politicians use ill-gotten money to buy off legislators and buy people’s consciences, he mentioned saying it is the responsibility of the state to speak out against this misconduct.

Khan said nations made no progress if they deviated from their ideology and did not fight injustice. He went on to say that if we want to become a great nation, we must uphold virtue.

PM mentioned that a leader never compromises with anyone. He also referred to the joint letter drafted by the European Union envoys. He defended his decision to publicly call out the EU saying he made the right choice.

The Prime Minister called out opposition leaders for criticizing his decision on the EU letter, saying he knew the West “more than anyone”. The Prime Minister argued that the Western world does not respect people who bow to it.

He said that Pakistan should have cordial relations with everyone, including the United States, which is a “great power”, but he is the Prime Minister of the Pakistanis and he would not allow a foreign policy which, in purpose of appeasement of others hurts Pakistan.

During his speech, Khan also discussed several programs launched by the PTI government to support low-income families with unemployed youths and low-income students. The Prime Minister has pledged to complete projects in the region before completing a five-year term.

Khan arrived at the scene around 4 p.m. and sat on the stage as other party leaders addressed the rally. He also unveiled the groundbreaking plaques for several development projects in the city of Punjab.

Khan made the visit as the political temperature rose to boiling point following the tabling of the no-confidence motion by the opposition.

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