Prince Andrew to inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis

According to recent reports on the royal family, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Fergussonwill adopt the two corgis Queen Elizabeth II left behind. Royal pets will now live with the Duke and Duchess of York.

The duo Andrew and Ferguson reportedly gifted the corgis to the late monarch some time ago. While they gave the puppies to her as a couple, it was originally Ferguson’s idea.

The prince is still reeling from his sex scandals and involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, but maintains he is innocent and did nothing wrong. On the other hand, the royal family is now adjusting to the coronation of King Charles and mourning the late Queen.

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The former wife of the late Queen and Prince Andrew has befriended Corgis

A royal insider revealed to people magazine that Ferguson has bonded with the queen and corgis in the past. She reportedly escorted Her Majesty to walk the puppies and ride the horse several times. This continued even after ending things with the Queen’s son, Andrew.


Before the former couple, Prince Andrew and Ferguson, gave the beautiful puppies to the Queen, she was already the mother of more than 30 corgis and dorgis. The puppies were the only addition to his collection. She first became a dog mother at age seven. This was after his father, then king, gave him his first corgi.

The source also noted that the late monarch asked to stop having more corgis in the 2010s because she didn’t want to leave them alone when she died. However, Queen Elizabeth has always received new corgis as gifts.

Queen Elizabeth II received a puppy

Members of the Royal Family attend Trooping the Color during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year, at Buckingham Palace, London, UK, on ​​June 2, 2022. Pictured June 02, 2022: Queen, Queen Elizabeth.

The couple, who were married for ten years before their divorce, gave the Queen a new corgis in 2021. Shortly after, she lost her husband, Prince Philip, at 99. The loss devastated the Queen, who was hoping to mark the end of Prince’s 100th birthday with him.

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth also lost one of her corgis a few weeks later. Finally, on the late Prince Philip’s birthday, Prince Andrew, one of the Queen’s scandal-ridden children, gave him a new puppy. The pup marked a full circle moment from the moment the queen received her first corgi.

The Prince Andrew Scandal

As well as coping with the death of her beloved husband and pets, the late Queen also had to deal with the sex scandals surrounding Prince Andrew. The prince was allegedly involved with Jeffrey Epstein, a formerly convicted sex offender who mainly preyed on young children.

Prince Andrew at Prince Philip's memorial service

The royal was also involved in a sexual assault lawsuit defended by Virginia Giuffre. In the lawsuit, Giuffre claimed she was sex trafficked by Epstein when she was just 17. She also claimed Andrew was involved in her abuse and protected Epstein.

In January this year, Queen Elizabeth finally stripped Prince Andrew of all his military titles and granted privileges. His decision was widely endorsed on social media as Prince Andrew had received a lot of negative publicity when his scandal was made public. The prince has individually denied the charges and maintains he is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

The fate of the royal family

Following the Queen’s death last week, her first son Prince Charles ascended the throne on Saturday and will henceforth be known as King Charles III. The 73-year-old succeeds his mother, who ruled for 70 years before she died.

The Royal family

King Charles’ firstborn, Prince William, who is now 40, will succeed his father when he dies. Williams’ own son is only nine years old and is now next in line when the current king dies.

As the Royal Family and the world adjust to the presence of a new monarch, they also mourn the loss of the Queen. His funeral has begun and the Royal Family will soon attend the official church service for his burial. After that, Queen Elizabeth’s body will rest for a day before being taken back to London.

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