Private education has corrupted our country

When the policy was brought up in 2021, it was accused of ‘class warfare’ and yet if you have the income to pay for a private education, you are not the inner circle, you are rich.

And the public agrees with Starmer: Nearly 60% of people think public schools should lose their tax exemptions, while only 12% want no policy change. It’s the vote of the elders.

I was, as I said earlier, in a minor English state school, and considered the same for my child, until I visited some preparatory schools in London. The kids preparing for the 7+ exam seemed exhausted. Their expressions were not those of natural children.

An older boy told me his hero was David Cameron, then Prime Minister. It’s not a horrible thing to think about, but it’s very odd for an 11-year-old, especially considering the quality of British children’s fiction. What did he read?

These squares, despite their gilding, are narrow. Something happened to them since I was a child. They got rid of eccentricity and even, I suppose, rigor. On the contrary, they seem to worship power for its own sake. It’s a common theme these days.

Then there was the private school abuse scandal, which hit like rain last spring. It turns out that there was systematic sexual bullying in some of these schools, which was first brushed aside by their leaders. There was no excuse for the inevitably attempted cover-up. It was PR: these schools had reputations to protect.

Nor was it the first public school sex scandal. There have been many significant testimonies from adults who have been abused there in recent years. It’s a shame that judgment – such as it was – came too late for the children they once were. Of course, this also happens in public schools. Sexual assault is a great leveler.

Some institutions have been established for so long that it seems impossible to change them or imagine life without them. I’m sure we’d be a happier, more functioning country if kids weren’t separated by class, even if David Cameron’s little fan club might have to disband.

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