Prostitution in Eastville ‘continues to be a problem’, police say

Police said prostitution in Eastville “continues to be a problem” as they attempt to address the issue.

Neighborhood Policing updates posted on the Avon and Somerset Police website indicate that there have been reports of street prostitution in and around the Fishponds Road area of ​​Eastville. On June 9, a post on the website said work to stop the crime was underway but “this will require long-term monitoring.”

Another post indicates that a police team dedicated to sex work will be conducting patrols over the next few months “to better understand the current issues related to this problem”. And they urged the public to contact the police if they have any information they believe is useful.

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“This continues to be an issue that we are working on together with local residents and the prostitution specialist team. Although we have made significant progress, this will be a project that will require long term work. “, says another message.

Last month, a man convicted of soliciting prostitution was banned from entering parts of Bristol for three years. Tom Bright, 57, from Cotham, was found guilty of paying a woman for sex on Stapleton Road in November last year at an earlier hearing.

Following a hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Friday May 20, police were issued a Criminal Behavior Order (CBO) barring him from three areas – including Fishponds Road. It was the second time Bright had been the subject of a CBO, having been banned from the same areas of the city in 2015 after committing similar offences, police said.

PC Tina Newman said last month: ‘Crawling sidewalks is illegal. Not only does it often take advantage of vulnerable people, it is also extremely anti-social and has a significant impact on the quality of life of those who live and work in the area. »

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