Pune police arrest prostitution racket of Mumbai-based model Aundh among six rescued women – Punekar News

Aundh, 16th June 2022: The Social Security Cell (SSC) of Pune City Police has denounced the prostitution business run as ‘The White Willow Spa’ massage center in Aundh.

A total of six young women from Assam and Manipur, including a model from Mumbai, have been released after arresting an Assam man.

Police arrested Sufian Jamaluddin Ahmed (23), assistant manager of White Willow Spa. However, owner Venkatesh Tipu Rathod (38), manager Devisingh alias Liladhar Shankarsingh Chavan (30), apartment owner Abhinav Ramnath Vajpayee and Mona Ramnath Vajpayee have not yet been arrested.

According to police, the spa center was operated from an apartment at Riddhi Lotus, Madhuri Park CHS, near Kotbagi Hospital, Aundh. After being informed that the prostitution racket was taking place under the guise of a spa, a decoy client was sent to verify the information.

He alerted the police after the customer paid and accepted payment online for the “extra service”. Sitting on the counter, Sufian saw the police arrive on CCTV. The door to the spa was therefore closed. Sufian entered the AC conduit through the apartment window with two women to escape. From there he reached the upper floor and tried to escape through the window. However, they were caught.

When questioned, the detained woman stated that she kept the employees in an apartment in a neighboring building. As a result, the police went there and released the other women.

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