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R. Kelly, the convicted sex offender and disgraced singer, is on trial again.

Jury selection begins Monday for the 55-year-old’s federal trial in Chicago.

Kelly is charged with 13 counts, including creating and receiving child pornography, enticing minors into illegal sexual activity, and obstructing justice.

Kelly’s obstruction of justice charge relates to a 2008 child pornography case in which he was acquitted. Jurors found Kelly not guilty on all counts, which were based on an alleged victim failing to testify.

Federal prosecutors say witnesses and their families were threatened and paid off by Kelly and his associates before the previous trial.

Now the alleged victim of the 2008 case must testify.

Kelly is not the only defendant and will stand trial alongside his former manager, Derrel McDavid, and his former employee, Milton Brown. The three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Kelly has already been convicted in a federal trial in New York

Kelly was previously found guilty in another federal trial last year.

A federal judge in Brooklyn sentenced Kelly to 30 years in prison in June. A jury found him guilty last September of nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering.

Eight of those counts revealed that Kelly violated the Mann Act, a federal law that prohibits people from transporting other people across state lines for prostitution.

Federal prosecutors were able to prove that Kelly ran a criminal enterprise that sought to lure women, boys and girls to him for his own sexual gratification.

Part of the charges stemmed from Kelly’s marriage to late singer Aaliyah, who was 15 when Kelly was 27. Kelly was found guilty of bribing a government official to give Aaliyah a fake ID. .

Several alleged victims of Kelly’s sexual abuse shared their stories in the Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly,” which debuted in 2019 and helped bring more legal attention to the charges.

Kelly also faces state charges in Illinois and Minnesota.

Kelly, who has also faced multiple lawsuits, also faces criminal charges in Illinois and Minnesota.

Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse in Cook County, Illinois in February 2019. The case involves four alleged victims, three of whom are minors.

In May 2019, Kelly faced 11 more sexual assault and sexual abuse charges filed by Cook County prosecutors.

Then, in August 2019, Kelly was charged with two criminal offenses related to prostitution and solicitation in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

The Minnesota allegations stem from a 2001 incident following one of Kelly’s promotional appearances in Minneapolis.

After a teenage girl supposedly asked Kelly for an autograph, the singer included her phone number with the autograph. The girl was reportedly told to go to her hotel after calling the number.

She was offered $200 to dance naked for him, prosecutors say. Kelly had sexual contact with the teenager and removed her clothes, prosecutors say.

A trial date has not yet been set for either case, according to CBS Minnesota.

Kelly’s federal convictions, trials and state criminal charges do not cover all of the allegations he has faced since the 1990s. A more detailed history is available here.

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