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Valentine’s Day Complaints

Those people who complain about not having time to stamp Valentine’s Day letters. They act like little kids in the playground saying, “My turn, my turn.” Go beyond yourself, please.

National News

Who runs our national news? Does anyone other than the PA contribute? Where is the coverage of the Durham report or the Hunter Biden scandal. Moms the word of our news Pravda.

Tina Peters

I just noticed your Denver Post front page story accusing President Trump of lying and disparaging County Clerk Tina Peters for repeating Trump’s lies. The best I can say is that Trump rarely lied. Most of what opponents call lies were Trump’s exaggerations of his many substantial accomplishments. When will your fact checkers start rejecting such left-wing guts?

(Regarding) Tuesday’s sidebar regarding the investigation of the Colorado clerk who wants to run for state office: The Denver Post should be a little more careful about how it reports this story, saying that Tina Peters is lying and a Colorado official is repeating former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 presidential contest. Given that the Durham Report shows how Democrats lied and that Trump was in fact right, (the Post) should be a bit more careful about how hard they lie and who doesn’t because they should have eggs all over their faces. . And will we ever have an apology or a retraction? Never.

Loveland Cemetery

I went to Loveland Cemetery on Sunday, for Valentine’s Day, to deliver balloons to my husband’s grave. What a mud hole. The roads were just mud. Why can’t these roads be gravel or covered in black? I paid a lot of money for these two plots. Yes, I’m sorry I bought them at Loveland. I told my family members (that) I had better never play the lottery. I’d have him moved in a heartbeat.

heart hunt

I wanted to say how much our family enjoyed hearthunting this year. And I was wondering if you could post the clues and how they went about finding the heart. We were just wondering what those clues meant. And thank you so much for such a fun event.

The graffiti of the land of love

Can the Dear Buck column or someone from the police department or the city help us figure out how to report graffiti around Loveland? It’s the first thing gangs do to mark their territory in a new town, and it shows up all over Loveland. We need to get these elements removed very quickly, otherwise it would be a common thing for gangs to be in Loveland, and we didn’t want that to happen.

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