Secret Instagram account where victims of TV perverts share exposed sexual abuse allegations

An Instagram account spreads numerous allegations of sexual harassment and bullying by men in the entertainment industry.

It comes as the Mirror revealed that the victims plan to expose several male celebrities as abusers and stalkers.

The anonymous account, “sh ** meninTVhavesaidtome,” solicits submissions from women in the industry.

Shocking examples include:

  • “Finally, f *** ing eye candy” – the male talent of the popular soap to the young actress.
  • “Is this like w *** ing and can I watch?” – famous actor to colleague when she returned to express milk.
  • “Oh soz was leaning towards the light switch” – male colleague to director after groping her chest.
  • “My wife and I have an open relationship” – an elderly male actor to a 25-year-old production coordinator after getting hold of his leg.
  • “She needs a tighter top, you can barely see her breasts” – male director, young actress on the first day of a shoot, which she was doing for free to be exhibited.

scandal” content=”/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Secret-Instagram-account-where-victims-of-TV-perverts-share-exposed.jpg”/>
The Daily Mirror newspaper revealed the growing scandal

The mirror spoke to the woman behind the account, who fears retaliation against herself and her family if she is ever publicly identified.

She said, “People want to talk about these things in a way that gives them a sense of security.

“It is difficult to name people, especially for people who are still working in the industry.

“In my experience, filing a complaint has no effect. This can make you seem … difficult to work with. “

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5 celebrities are victims of abuse.  2 television stars, 2 comedians and an actor
5 celebrities are victims of abuse. 2 television stars, 2 comedians and an actor

She added, “It’s not just about getting groped. For years, men haven’t even thought about what they say.

“This type of behavior should be seen as a stigma.”

When asked why she thought harassment and bullying was so prevalent in the television industry, she said, “There are a lot of young women working in the industry, but it’s still a very male dominated environment, with mostly male producers and directors.

“The whole industry relies on freelance work … they don’t have the same employment rights.”

Noel Clarke won a Bafta gong this year - he
Noel Clarke won a Bafta gong this year – he “vehemently” denies “sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing”

More than 20 women have accused Noel Clarke of groping, sexual harassment and bullying.

The Doctor Who star and the Kidulthood film series has apologized for actions that “affected people in a way that I did not intend” but “vehemently” denies “sexual misconduct or criminal acts ”.

Philippa Childs, head of entertainment industry union Bectu, said, “I think there have been a lot of secrets opened in the industry about bad behavior.

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“People have had time to sit down and reflect on some of the behaviors that they have seen or experienced.

“People are very afraid to speak out.

“They worry about where their next job will come from.

“There must be consequences for people, however powerful and prestigious they may be.”

Bectu calls on the television industry to fund a protection officer on each set.

To contact our investigation team, send an email to [email protected]

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