Shades of “1984” as the left seeks to silence the conservatives

Big Tech censorship was a big deal back in November, and it’s back thanks to the Biden administration.

Last year before the election, Facebook and Twitter took the initiative to silence the Hunter Biden scandal, for which they later apologized. But it was too little too late, as some polls suggest the cover-up of the Hunter Biden scandal influenced elections in some states.

But this time, instead of blatant censorship, Facebook is now crushing different thoughts, ideas, opinions and conversations under the guise of “disinformation.” The left and the Biden administration believe everyone should be vaccinated. Period. Anything against it is disinformation and must be silenced.

“Unfortunately the left has an authoritarian worldview, they want to be in control,” said Elizabeth Ames, FOX News contributor, “There are some scary things going on right now. I think people are starting to wake up, and I hope they I will continue to push back. “

And they got some help courtesy of the Biden administration, who admitted they were working with Facebook to target the Tories, and while that might be a great idea for their radical agenda, it’s a categorical no-no for the 1st amendment.

“There you go,” Ames told KTRH, “Now we can have a case in court that these big tech companies are state actors. This is a violation of our 1st Amendment rights. “

Unfortunately, the left isn’t just concerned with what you post. Ultimately, they want to control what you think.

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