SNL weekend update tackles Matt Gaetz and Marilyn Manson scandals – Deadline

Tonight on the Saturday Night Live final season, Weekend update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che were nostalgic for the turmoil of the past year and reflected on better days ahead.

“I have to say, I think the country is in a better place than when we started this season,” said Jost unmoved. “In September, there were headlines like ‘Will President Destroy Democracy?’ And now I see headlines like ‘Will this be the most exciting summer ever?’

Thinking back to the past year, “who can forget that time when the president tried to assassinate Congress?” Jost wondered.

“Apparently Congress can,” he added, “since the Senate is likely to block a bipartisan investigation into the Capitol riots, thanks to opposition from Mitch McConnell.”

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Republicans just seem “to want to forget that the riots never happened and focus on the future of their party,” Jost continued. Unfortunately for them, he said – cutting off at an image of Matt Gaetz – “the future of their party is, of course, Yes. “

Jost then steered the conversation to the latest developments in the scandal surrounding the disgraced US Representative. “Federal authorities investigating the sex trafficking charges against Matt Gaetz have been reported to have obtained the cooperation of his ex-girlfriend,” he said. “But not before her prom.”

Che later tackled the latest controversy surrounding shock rocker Marilyn Manson. “A former personal assistant to Marilyn Manson has filed a lawsuit accusing her of sexual exploitation and psychological abuse,” Che explained. “Wow, these are still the guys you expect the most.”

Towards the end of tonight Weekend update segment, Jost and Che are once again committed to the tradition. Each had written racist or offensive jokes for the other to read live.

“The idea is to keep it fun, light,” said worried Jost. “No one will be canceled; no one is going to be threatened in his family. You know, have fun.

“Of course, we’ll see,” impassive Che. “Why don’t you go first?”

New York State Conservative Judge Jeanine Pirro (Cecily Strong) closed the segment, which sang “My Way” by Paul Anka, sitting in a huge tank of boxed wine.

Discover the opening of Weekend update above. Jost and Che’s joke exchange, the segment on Pirro and more can be found below.

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