Sources: Secret Service inscribed in Hunter Biden’s weapon case

After more than two months in office, President Joe Biden gave his first press conference on Thursday. Spoiler: It wasn’t that exciting.

Later that day, Hallie informed Hunter of what she had done and he ordered her to retrieve the gun, according to the police report. When Hallie returned to the grocery store, she found the gun was missing from the trash and reported the problem to the store. Police received calls from the store’s general manager, Paula Janssen, and another person, according to the report.

The missing weapon caused heightened concern, according to the police report, as the grocery store is across from Alexis I. du Pont High School.

Upon arriving at the scene, Delaware State Police retrieved footage from the store’s security cameras and interviewed Janssen, the store manager. “We complied with the police and gave them all the security imagery we could,” Janssen told POLITICO.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also reacted at the scene, according to people familiar with the situation. At the time, the FBI was monitoring Hunter Biden as part of an ongoing investigation that currently focuses on his taxes. The FBI declined to comment.

In addition to questioning Hallie, police called Hunter to the scene, where he was questioned outside the store’s loading dock and explained that he used the pistol to practice the target, according to The report.

At one point, two of Janssen’s employees, described by the police report as “Mexican men,” walked past the loading dock and Hunter told a police officer that suspicious people were working for the store. When asked if he was referring to these two staff, Hunter replied, “Yes, probably illegal,” according to the report.

When a policeman asked Hunter if the gun had been used in a crime, the policeman reported that Hunter “had become very agitated with me and asked me if I was intentionally trying to drive him crazy,” according to the report.

When the officer asked Hunter if he had used drugs or if he was drinking heavily, he replied, “Look, it’s not like that. I think she thinks I was going to kill myself, ”according to the report.

An officer asked Hunter if he called his father about the incident before he arrived. Hunter replied, “I never called my dad about anything,” according to the police report.

After being questioned, Hunter retrieved the gun case – which included the gun’s serial number – from Hallie’s house and returned to the grocery store to turn it over to the police, according to the report.

As police questioned Hunter and Hallie, two Secret Service agents arrived at the store where Hunter had purchased the weapon, StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply in Wilmington, according to the two people familiar with the incident. Officers showed their badges and IDs to Palmieri, the store owner, and demanded to take possession of the gun transaction record Hunter had filled out to purchase the gun earlier this month, according to people close to the incident.

Palmieri refused to hand over the recording of the transaction to Secret Service agents because these recordings are the responsibility of the ATF. Secret service agents left without the files, according to people familiar with the case. Later that day, the ATF arrived at the store to inspect the records.

Palmieri declined to comment on the episode.

ATF spokesman Andre Miller addressed Delaware State Police with questions. Jason Hatchell, a spokesperson for the Delaware State Police, said any questions about the incident should be filed through a Freedom of Information Act request. Delaware State Police previously denied POLITICO’s FOIA request for records related to the incident last November.

The incident received little attention except for a report on the conservative website The fire which dealt with the State Police’s decision not to press charges against Hunter or Hallie.

A Secret Service spokesperson said the agency had no record of involvement in the incident: “ US Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide any protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this allegation. incident.”

Biden and his family members had been under 24-hour Secret Service protection during his eight years as Vice President from 2009 to 2017. Detail of Biden’s Secret Service resumed in March 2020 after locking down the Democratic presidential nomination.

A White House spokesman said Biden was unaware of any Secret Service involvement in the episode: “ President Biden had no knowledge or involvement in the alleged Secret Service role in the episode. this incident, and neither he nor any member of the family was a protege at the time. “

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