Suspense for beleaguered PDP national president as opposition gives

Of Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja and Vincent Kalu

besieged National President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus, a rest, yesterday, as stakeholders approved its mandate pending the holding of a national convention.

However, the party’s national convention, where the new party officials will be elected, will now be held by the end of October 2021 instead of December, when the term of office of the outgoing National Working Committee (NOC) is supposed to expire.

PDP Governors Forum Chairman and Governor of Sokoto State Aminu Tambuwal briefed reporters in Abuja on the outcome of the meeting between Governors, the Board of Directors (BoT) and other parties key stakeholders of the opposition party.

The meeting brought together the 13 governors of the PDP, members of the BoT, members of the National Assembly, among others

Tambuwal added that the national executive of the party The committee (NEC) will meet next week to constitute the planning committee of the convention as well as the zoning committee.

At the National Zoning Committee, which will grant elective terms in 2023, including the positions of national presidency, the president and vice-president would also be constituted.

He explained that Secondus, as chairman of the PDP, would convene the meeting of the NEC in accordance with the party constitution.

The decision to hold the national convention in October is an intermediate approach in resolving the PDP crisis.

The Daily Sun reliably estimated that the pendulum swung in favor of the national president after he addressed governors on Monday. Secondus told governors he did nothing wrong to get the kind of treatment he was receiving, noting that his transducers are the same people he supported to win the election with material and financial resources.

A senior source told the Daily Sun that at the Governors’ meeting on Monday, after forum resolution this With the convention set to take place in October, anti-Secondus governors have started to push for NWC members not to be allowed to re-challenge the convention.

The source said that immediately NWC members heard of the proposal to prevent them from contesting again at the national convention, they moved around the party leaders to solicit their support against the proposal.

“The Governors’ proposal was that the national convention be held in October and that the members of the NWC should serve their mandate. But some of the governors insisted that the NWC should not challenge the convention again. “

He said when the proposal for an early convention was presented at the stakeholder meeting, Secondus told them that October was not achievable.

“But Secondus told them that October was not feasible because the NWC has a state convention in nine states scheduled for October 16. However, the president agreed that the convention could be held in November,” he said. said the source.

Regardless of the position of governors and other stakeholders, the legislator representing the federal constituency of Khana / Gokana, Dumnamene Dekor, urged Secondus, to resign honorably.

Dekor, chair of the House Committee on Host Communities, said there couldn’t be a better time for the Secondus-led PDP to leave than now for more focused leadership to be put in place.

The federal lawmaker, who has also served as the Rivers State House of Assembly vice-president and works commissioner, focused his appeal on what he described as leading “leadership without vision.”

The Ogoni-born politician noted with dismay the relentless conflicts, feuds and defections that characterized the Secondus administration, saying that the sooner his party leadership is replaced, the better for the PDP.

According to the legislator, the PDP is the only hope of survival for Nigerians in view of the economic quagmire in which the All Progressives Congress (APC) has plunged the country.

He stressed that the PDP could not afford to run in the 2023 general election under leadership unable to deliver on its promises.

Dekor noted that the national leadership of the PDP, as currently constituted, lacks everything it takes to reclaim the party’s mandate given the political realities prevailing in the country.

Meanwhile, former PDP National Vice President Leader Bode George has been tough on the party’s NWC, describing it as a shameful symbol of greed and greed.

According to him, the critical organ of the opposition party has sold out to the former governor of Lagos State and the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In a statement titled “Special Meeting of PDP Elders – My Position”, the former military governor of Ondo, noted that the party was at a critical crossroads between survival or extinction, stressing that “the result of this meeting will decide where our future lies, adding that “we must speak the truth to power without mince words, for the current National Working Committee is a shameful symbol of greed and greed”.

He stressed that the NWC is rudderless, visionless, devoid of any moral anchor, and has abused and recklessly trampled on the core sacred standard of the party constitution.

Chief George therefore called for the immediate establishment of a national convention committee, which should be charged with the task of organizing congresses from the parish to the national level.

“Now is the time to do things right for fear of losing everything; the nation is waiting for us to save our people from the divisive and destructive politics of the ruling party. Let it be very clear to everyone that the current leadership of the NWC has totally compromised.

“He totally sold us to Bola Tinubu. I am absolutely certain of it. Let us take back our party to these fifth chroniclers who sowed confusion among us from Maiduguri to Calabar, from Sokoto to Delta, from Abuja to Lagos.

“We have to be honest and daring enough to put in place the national convention committee that will handle all conventions, from the parish level to the national convention. Anything less will send our party to the brink of apocalypse, warned the Atona O’odua of Yorubaland.

The PDP crisis emerged last Tuesday after seven deputy national officers served the NWC with 30 days’ notice of resignation.

On the same day, National Youth Leader Sunday Udeh-Okoye, who confirmed a rift in the NWC, openly called for Secondus’ resignation for alleged bad party leadership.

In the aftermath of the resignation notice and the NWC split, the BoT set up a committee to resolve the crisis.

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