Tamil Nadu: a woman receives a 10-year prison sentence for having pushed her daughter into prostitution | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Claiming that this would not show leniency to a mother who pushed her own 14-year-old daughter into prostitution, the Madras District Court confirmed that she had been sentenced to 10 years in prison. The court also overturned the acquittals of five other defendants in the Pocso Act case and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from seven to 10 years.
“The defendants, regardless of the age of the victim, committed the offense and therefore there are no mitigating circumstances to impose a lesser sentence and this court is not inclined to show leniency. in the awarding of the sentence, ”said Judge P Velmurugan.
The issue concerns a case registered by the Anti-Trafficking Cell, Crime Branch CID, Chennai against the mother of the victim M Vasanthi, Jayalakshmi and her associates Latha Radha, M Selvam, R Rajesh Kumar, N Sathish Kumar, S Ganesh Kumar and C Surendhar.
They were charged with the offenses of rape under the IPC and sexual assault of a minor under the Pocso Law in addition to the Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Law.
On October 13, 2020, a special court sentenced the mother of victim daughter Vasanthi to 10 years in prison for immoral trafficking.
The court also found Jayalakshmi guilty of trafficking and sentenced her to 7 years of IR. Mr. Selvam was found guilty of rape and trafficking and sentenced to 7 years of RI.
The other five defendants were acquitted of all charges.
Challenging the acquittal, the anti-trafficking wing appealed, while Jayalakshmi and Selvam appealed to challenge their conviction.
Allowing the appeal by the anti-trafficking wing, Judge Velmurugan overturned the acquittals of Latha Radha, Rajesh Kumar, Sathish Kumar, Ganesh Kumar and Surendhar.
The judge sentenced Latha Radha and Ganesh Kumar to seven years of RI and others to 10 years of RI.

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