Ten questions for Taleeb Noormohamed, Trudeau’s most controversial candidate in western Ontario

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In his file with Elections Canada, the liberal candidate of Vancouver Granville, Taleeb Noormohamed, describes his profession as “CEO”.

On September 20, he could become an MP in the riding won twice by Jody Wilson-Raybould, the independent who denounced the SNC-Lavalin scandal of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Taleeb Noormohamed in 2021 (Facebook)

Noormohamed’s campaign was the most controversial of all Western Ontario Liberal campaigns (where candidates Raj Saini and Kevin Vuong were sidelined due to sex scandals).

The revelations of Noormohamed’s secret career as a real estate pinball machine have only worsened with a scary interview with CTV News Vancouver and a photo of him hiding in the passenger seat of a car while an assistant knocked on doors. Both have gone viral.

Since then, Noormohamed has avoided reporters, hoping to play against contestants Anjali Appadurai (NDP) and Kailin Che in the counting of the ballots.

There are many unanswered questions about Noormohamed. Here are 10.


Your residential address on your Elections Canada registration is a suite in a condo built by Concord Pacific across from the Parq Casino in Northeast False Creek. Why weren’t you with your party leader Trudeau during his press conference on September 13 on the roof of the Parq Casino?


Taleeb Noormohamed with Justin Trudeau in 2011 (Vincent Chan / Facebook)

The Unitarian Church in Vancouver hosted a meeting of all candidates on September 14. It was held in an empty auditorium, due to the pandemic, but webcast on YouTube. Your New Democrat, Conservative and PPC opponents were present. You didn’t. Where have you been?


On September 15, CBC’s Early Edition show featuring Stephen Quinn invited applicants to an on-air forum. The CBC studio is an 11 minute walk from your condo address or a five minute drive. You missed it. Where have you been?


In May 2018, just a week after announcing that you would be running for mayor of Vision Vancouver, you walked out of the race, citing a “sudden cardiac event”. However, you are running for the second time in Vancouver Granville to become an MP. It is a very stressful profession, with long hours and arduous travel to and from Ottawa. What is your state of health?


Taleeb Noormohamed from the Stewart Group website.

Your campaign bio on the Liberal website omits the time you spent with The Stewart Group, a lobbying and procurement consultancy that represented SNC Lavalin, Bombardier and Compass card supplier Cubic Transportation. Lobbyist Lecia Stewart was the offer strategist behind SNC-Lavalin’s troubled Ottawa Confederation Line.

Customers of the Stewart Group also included Southern Rail of BC, whose tracks are used for the transportation of coal. Fraser Surrey Docks was considered a terminal for the export of thermal coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

How do you reconcile your past with a company that represented a company involved in shipping dirty coal with the Liberal promise to ban thermal coal exports from Canada no later than 2030?


The International Olympic Committee had policies in 2007, when you joined the Vancouver 2010 organizing committee, that required executives to avoid conflicts of interest. When buying and selling real estate in downtown Vancouver near the Olympic venues, did you disclose these activities to your superiors at VANOC, in accordance with the ethics policy?

Liberal candidate Taleeb Noormohamed on September 2 (Twitter / Richard Lo)


How much did you make renting condos in downtown Vancouver while you were Vice President of VANOC?


Have you knowingly hired from someone employed directly or indirectly with an Olympic Family entity, be it an athlete or a sponsor?


You are adept at buying and selling real estate for profit. You live in the riding of Vancouver Center. Why haven’t you bought a residence in Vancouver Granville, the riding you seek to represent since 2019?


If you win Vancouver Granville in the September 20 election, will you quit all leadership and board positions and give up such assets, so you can focus only on being an MP? Will you sell your remaining real estate or put it in a blind trust?

If Taleeb Noormohamed answers any of the above, this story will update to show his answers.

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