The bloody Biden and Bulger files

Talk about burying the lead!

In this story, the most important is not only buried. It was shipped to Ireland. In a coffin. Filled with IRA guns!

But that’s not the part of the story the New York Post wants you to know.

Among the revelations springing from the hidden files of a certain Hunter Biden is this: “The namesake nephew of bloodthirsty Boston mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger worked closely with Hunter Biden in his Chinese business ventures, according to emails reviewed by the Post.”

Those same messages, which can only be called sleazy – at least in the New York Post – inform us that “Jim Bulger, chairman and co-founder of Boston-based financial advisory firm Thornton Group, forwarded an e email in January 2014 from associate Mike Leonard proposing a meeting between Hunter Biden – whose father, Joe Biden, was Vice President of the United States at the time – Bulger, and Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devon Archer.

Oh yeah. THAT Devon Archer.

Of course, I have no idea who Devon Archer is. But if you don’t laugh at a story like this, you cry. Or scream.

I understand what the Post does. Part of the reason the right-wing tabloid foams in its Murdochian mouth is that it’s on a mission to prove that the hypocritical left-wing elite ignored the many illicit stories found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

And if they have to, uh, spice up the truth to make the story sizzle, well, that’s a small price to pay.

OK. Well-meaning progressives are largely responsible for our sorry state of affairs when it comes to debating real issues these days. We understood.

But come on people. Joe Biden’s son? And Whitey Bulger, Irish mobster from South Boston. His nephew?

I would call that scraping the bottom of the barrel. If there was even a scratch barrel! But there really isn’t.

And you have so many other things to work with!

First, the name Hunter? Can we explain this please? (If that’s his name.)

And if you want to scare an Irish Biden scandal, do it right. The guy is from Scranton, after all.

You don’t need to look to Gitmo or Palestine to link Biden to, say, a terrorist. A bomb thrower named Éamon de Valera visited Scranton in 1919. And who was alive at the time? No, not Biden. Or his nephew. I’m sure there was no email at the time.

But Biden’s Irish American mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, was there at the same time as Dev. She was two years old. In other words, she was old enough to know not to suck your thumb near radicals!

But if you want to dismiss that as ancient history, then fine. Let’s talk about “bloodthirsty” Whitey himself.

“While imposing a murderous protection racket on the city’s south, Bulger and (the) Irish-American mafia also aimed guns at the boys at home,” Business Insider noted in 2013, after the long-awaited sentencing. of Whitey.

It was Whitey’s “support for the Irish Republican campaign against Margaret Thatcher’s government over 3,000 miles away that led directly to one of the most horrific murders of her career”, the magazine added.

“Whitey liked being associated with the IRA and the cause of Irish freedom. I think he liked the legitimacy that a political cause gave him,” recalled Patrick Nee, a friend of Whitey.

This included, according to Business Insider, the smuggling of firearms from coffins across the Atlantic.

In other words, Whitey Bulger believed that a powerful ruling class had entrenched social inequality so deeply in daily life that only drastic means could undo it.

Which means Whitey Bulger was… a critical race theorist!

And Joe Biden’s son once emailed this guy’s nephew! Or transmitted… something. Perhaps.

That’s your headline, Rupert. You’re welcome.

(On Twitter: @TomDeignan)

*This column first appeared in the April 20 edition of the weekly Irish Voice, sister publication to IrishCentral.

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