The downfall of Debenhams glam girl mum to the seedy world of drugs, crime and prostitution

One woman’s life has taken a tragic path from the glam girl of Debenham to the dark world of drugs and prostitution.

Clair Hawley was once one of Debenham’s beauty advisers and make-up expert.

But the mum-of-three’s life has taken a dark turn into a world of prostitution, heroin and crack cocaine.

The former university student came across drug dealers in Liverpool and developed a Class A drug addiction which ruined her life.

Now, after turning 36 this week, she celebrated her birthday alone and in jail.

Her downward spiral into drugs and crime ended after being imprisoned for eight years.

She was found guilty of trying to lure people who paid her for sex to be robbed by her knife-wielding accomplice.

Mother-of-three convicted by jury of robbery and attempted robbery


Hull Daily Mail/MEN Media)

Clair, of Anlaby, Yorkshire, tried to walk away at Hull Crown Court, denying the robbery and attempted robbery on July 26.

But it took the jury barely an hour of deliberation to convict her.

She was jailed for eight years for these cases and six offenses related to Operation Doon for supplying heroin or crack between September 30 and October 5, 2020.

Her alleged boyfriend, Kevin Duthie, 30, of Hall Road, Hull, was jailed for 12 years after admitting to aggravated robbery and burglary.

Hawley paved the way for cruel offenses by approaching men in the early hours of the morning in the Hessle Road area of ​​Hull and offering them sex.

The pair, in separate incidents hours apart, were lured by her into a trap where “Scotch Kev” Duthie was waiting to pounce on them, armed with a knife.

One victim, a carpet fitter who had finished a job in a pub at 3.15am, was led at knifepoint to a cash machine in the nearby Shell garage and forced to withdraw £100 from the 106 £ he had in his account.

He had already thrown £60 on the greedy Duthie while in his work van, in the vain hope that it would be enough, but he was wrong.

Hawley had first approached him while he was sitting in the van – and it was all part of the intriguing trap.

But she claimed during the trial that she had no idea what Duthie was up to and that it completely surprised her.

Her alleged boyfriend, Kevin Duthie, 30, of Hall Road, Hull, admitted to the theft and aggravated burglary


Hull Daily Mail/MEN Media)

She even claimed that when Duthie opened the van door, she thought it was the police and that she would be in deep water for soliciting.

Her descent into drugs, prostitution and theft came full circle when she was led in floods of tears off the secure court dock to begin her long prison sentence.

But it wasn’t always a life of crime, drugs and sex work for Hawley.

She had studied for a make-up artistry degree at the University of Hull and looked set to make the most of it by working in glamor and cosmetics.

Hawley became a beauty consultant and make-up artist at Debenhams department store in Hull at the end of 2013.

She was also apparently involved with Benefit Cosmetics, helping people with their advertised instant beauty fixes and makeup products, tips and tricks.

Hawley later appears to have settled down as a freelance beauty consultant with her own business, Polished Panache by Clair, providing mobile beauty and makeup services as of January 2019.

She had three daughters and proudly boasted on social media, “I love my kids so much.”

But a clue to the growing torture she faced came in a poignant Facebook post in June 2020 when she wrote: “Moody but good reason oh life break required plz.”

She also posted a message saying, “If you kick me when I’m down, you better pray I don’t get up.”

Court heard she took crack to ‘feel sexy’ while a prostitute


Hull Daily Mail/MEN Media)

Hawley drifted into a serious Class A drug addiction and she became involved in “drug trafficking” for an organized drug operation in Liverpool County.

Her lawyer, Helen Chapman, told the court: ‘Drugs eventually got her into sex work.’

It was a dangerous world and she was attacked by the drug gang and got involved in violent relationships.

In a bitter irony, she traded the glamorous world of makeup and cosmetics as a way to promote an attractive image to that of taking crack so she could “feel sexy” for her prostitution job.

Miss Chapman told the court: “She took crack to feel promiscuous and to feel sexy, otherwise doing this kind of work would be quite soul destroying.

“She took crack to feel ready to do this kind of work.”

Clair Hawley denied theft and attempted theft, but was found guilty by a jury at Hull Crown Court and later sentenced to eight years in prison.

Hawley had her own “patch” and “spot” in the red light area of ​​Hessle Road, favored by prostitutes.

She had had a difficult upbringing and the court heard that she had been physically abused by her mother.

She was placed in foster care when she was 14 and her first daughter was born when she was 17.

Her boyfriend at the time was nine years older than her.

She was abused and introduced to drugs, which she used in part to avoid problems in her relationship.

Kevin was arrested with Clair after robbing two men


Hull Daily Mail/MEN Media)

Hawley had two further daughters and, according to Miss Chapman, ‘lived a fairly ordinary existence for 14 years’.

She worked during this period and it was then that she began to make a promising career in the worlds of glamor and makeup.

But she became pregnant with a fourth child and got involved in drugs again through another boyfriend.

She was keen to wean herself off heroin but, after a violent incident, lost the baby towards the end of 2020.

“She went into kind of a spiral and did a lot of drugs,” Miss Chapman said.

Clair had three children before being sentenced to eight years in prison


Hull Daily Mail/MEN Media)

Judge Mark Bury said Hawley had worked at Debenhams in a “respectable job” at one point.

“Then everything went wrong,” he said.

“Your life got out of hand. You had bad relationships, you made bad decisions, you started doing drugs.

“You found yourself in a position where you were forced to do things you didn’t want to do. That includes selling drugs and prostitution.”

It was abundantly clear Hawley knew full well what would happen when she lured the two men to Duthie, who was waiting with a knife to rob them, Judge Bury said.

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Hawley had no previous convictions before her incarceration, which followed a period of pre-trial detention, but she had a warning for running away without making payment.

The judge said it would have been possible to spare Hawley from prison if it had not been for the two very serious robberies and attempted robberies and if she had just appeared in court for drug offenses .

A sentence involving rehabilitation days might have been an option in those circumstances, but that was no longer possible, he said.

“You have to serve a significant sentence,” Judge Bury said.

Hawley will have plenty of time behind bars, most likely at New Hall prison near Wakefield, to reflect on how her beauty adviser’s dreams turned into such a nightmare.

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