The Duggar Family’s Weirdest Moments Since Their TLC Show

As fundamental Baptists, the Duggars expect their children to follow all kinds of rules, including refraining from sex or certain types of physical contact before marriage. In the book “Growing Up Duggar”, Jinger Vuolo (née Duggar) and her sisters compared premarital sex to “playing in the streets” and getting “kicked by one of the many semi-trucks passing by. our house”. They also warned young women to protect their “purity”.

In the “Behind the Scenes” podcast, Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo addressed the subject of “purity” from a married man’s perspective. “Very early on, from the moment we got married, I wanted Jinger to be with me in the battle for purity,” he said, further explaining that he likes to keep Jinger on top of his temptations, because it helps to control them. . “It builds her confidence. Because she’s starting to think, ‘If he’s having trouble, he’ll let me know and I can fight him,’ he continued.

How exactly does Jinger help? Well, aside from providing a sympathetic ear, the couple have an arrangement where Jeremy (who is quite active on social media) doesn’t keep apps for Instagram or Twitter on his phone. If he wants to post anything, he has to use his wife’s phone, thus limiting “the temptation of the Internet”. Well, what is working?

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