The Fox News-QAnon flaw that may have revealed Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help his son enter college

According to alleged transcripts of emails posted to Telegram by QAnon-linked attorney Lin Wood to retaliate against Tucker Carlson for giving Kyle Rittenhouse a platform to criticize him, Hunter Biden wrote a letter recommendation urging Georgetown University to admit Carlson’s son to college.



I want to understand all of this in great detail. Where are we going to start?

What about Carlson and Hunter Biden? In 2020, the Fox News host used many, many hours on her show to exaggerate the alleged scandals revealed by documents on a laptop that Hunter Biden allegedly left in a Delaware repair shop but failed to pick up. The store owner says he gave a copy of the laptop hard drive to Rudy Giuliani for reasons he has. never fully explained. Giuliani then created a right-wing media storm by donating laptop documents to the New York Post.

CNN has reported that the FBI is, in fact, in possession of a laptop computer which it has cited to appear in a Delaware store during an investigation into tax or corruption offenses that Hunter Biden may have committed in foreign business transactions in China and elsewhere. However, CNN also reported that the contents of the laptop may not be genuine. Hunter Biden has not been charged with any felony in this case, and Carlson and other right-wing media never presented credible evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business activities, which was supposed to be the subject of the scandal. This is where the story ended, except for a random explosion in April 2021 in which Carlson alleged without presenting any supporting evidence or even explaining that the Biden laptop contained child pornography. (To be clear: no evidence of this.)

Who is Lin Wood?

Wood is a southern avocado which gradually went from sensational but legitimate work for clients like Richard Jewell and Nicolas sandmann in the world of far-right and QAnon-related plots (before it was banned from twitter, his biography included Q-follower’s motto “# WWG1WGA”, which means “when we go one, we all go.” ”) He, for example, accused Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts of being involved in sex trafficking and claimed that former Vice President Mike Pence was potentially going to be executed for treason, allegations apparently motivated by the reluctance of these personalities to support a coup in the name of Donald Trump. Wood’s behavior has become increasingly alienating even to other conspiratorial right-wing MAGA members, a conflict that has come to a head over his portrayal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted of the murder charges. of two men at a protest in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 2020. Rittenhouse’s family held Wood after the shooting, but came to believe he was using them for publicity rather than advocacy. (At one point, Wood would have punched another man in the face to raise money for Rittenhouse. He has denied doing so.) Kyle Rittenhouse, since his acquittal, has criticized Wood in interviews with figures like Carlson; his family is also in a dispute with Wood on who should take possession of the $ 2 million bond that was collected after Kyle Rittenhouse’s arrest. Right-wing activists like Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene sided with Rittenhouse and Denounced wood.

It’s sad to see friends torn apart like this.

Yes. Wood responded by accusing basically everyone in the right-wing and QAnon world of working in the name of the “deep state” against Trump. That would likely be the point of releasing alleged documentation of a relationship between Carlson and Biden; by QAnon / conspiracy researcher Mike Rothschild, Wood posted the alleged email exchange between the two on the Telegram secure messaging app. It begins in a message dated November 12, 2014; Buckley is the son of Carlson, whose name I’m including because he’s now an adult (who, in this case, is the communications director for Republican Representative from Indiana, Jim Banks):


I cannot thank you enough for writing this letter to Georgetown on behalf of Buckley. It’s nice of you. I know this will help.

Hope you are well and we can all have dinner soon.


The post appears to involve a prior agreement to write a letter of recommendation. Biden then responds that he needs Buckley’s resume, which Carlson says he’ll ask someone to send. This is the end of the exchange. (Young Carlson ended up going to the University of Virginia.)

Is it real?

Neither Carlson nor Biden have commented on the matter. Rothschild said on Twitter that other far-right Telegram users posted it before Wood and that it may have been from “Tore, aka Terpischore Maras Lindeman, yet another stolen election crank that claims she is a time traveler “. Its ultimate origins are unknown, although there has been speculation that it came from the aforementioned Hunter Biden laptop files.

Is Tucker Carlson a fraudster? Was he just pretending to be disgusted with Hunter Biden the whole time?

Not necessarily. Carlson has previously mentioned on air, while claiming to be saddened by the alleged Chinese crimes Hunter Biden has since committed, that he had a relationship with Hunter Biden. Requesting a recommendation letter in 2014 would fit into Carlson’s timeline.

This somehow undermines his claim to be generally dismayed at the mores and corruption of the ruling class, however.

It does, yes, and like Never Trump writer Tim Miller points out, it would be ironic if the laptop that Carlson spent so much time talking about – with the apparent aim of showing that Hunter and Joe Biden were using their name and influence to get things they didn’t deserve – actually showed him ask to use the last name Biden to get something he / his son may or may not have earned. So maybe you could say that Carlson’s loathing is sincere, but only in the sense that when he denounces the “elite” for having participated in this kind of friendly and self-sustaining exchange of favors, he is really … denounce.

That’s a really deep and interesting observation, Dr Melfi. Either way, does part of the story of Wood’s breakup somehow involve former CEO Patrick Byrne accusing the former lawyer? campaigner, Sidney “Kraken” Powell, for retaliating against him for not having had sex with her?


Are you going to find out what it is?


Because it’s Miller time?

It’s time to crack a cold. Let’s go for the deep state!

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