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I am cursed with an exceptional memory of events that happened years ago. Almost all of them. In 1954, I was in fourth grade when, out of nowhere, Mrs. Johnson stopped teaching a really boring history lesson and said, “You know, the trouble with the world today is that people make decisions based on whether or not they can get away with it. rather than what is right or wrong. Things haven’t changed much.

Reading the news I learned Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he is immediately suspending a Democratic state attorney for refusing to enforce some of Florida’s laws, including the state’s new abortion ban. The prosecutor, Andrew Warren, has been elected twice since 2016 to represent Hillsborough County, which includes Tampa Bay. During his tenure, he implemented progressive criminal justice reforms, including prioritizing violent crimes and decreasing the number of people arrested and jailed for a non-violent first offense.

The Florida Politics site called Warren “social justice warriorafter opposing the extension of Florida’s riot laws and refusing to prosecute people protesting racism and police brutality following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. His biography has been removed from Wiki.

DeSantis, a Republican, accused Warren of selectively choosing which laws to enforce while in office. The order from the governor’s office cited a letter signed by Warren saying he would not enforce abortion and laws banning transgender care for minors. “We don’t elect people from one part of the state to have a veto over what the whole state decides on these important issues,” DeSantis said at a press conference flanked by sheriffs from Tampa.

Legal experts predict the suspension will last because he publicized laws that would not be enforced, encouraging lawlessness. Others predict that the governor’s action will not be able to be applied because no case has yet been brought before the prosecutor.

LA woke up the district attorney George Gascon declined the felony charges against the man who attacked Dave Chappelle at his Hollywood Bowl concert, reducing the charges to a misdemeanor instead. Isaiah Lee, 23, ran onto the stage to attack Chappelle during Wednesday’s show, surrendering the knife which was hidden in a gun. Gascon also re-sentenced death row inmates to life terms because “since California has a moratorium on the death penalty, it’s the same thing.”

Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Hatami said Gascón issued a “general policy” in December 2020 prohibiting the filing of strike records. Other policies issued by Gascon include do not allow sentencing improvementson crimes such as gang membership, hate crimes, minors involved.

The country’s mayors and prosecutors ignored their sworn duty to enforce the law. State and city lawmakers have passed laws that reduce sentences and allow early release for criminals, sometimes violent offenders, encouraging serial offenders to strike again and again.

Liberal mayors and council members have incorporated measures such as defunding to hamper law enforcement efforts. Preventing law enforcement from dispersing uncontrollable protests or riots is simply absurd.

Business or home owners are being denied the protection they deserve and pay taxes for. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s on the horizon. Lawlessness will intensify until the political winds change. As of this writing, working poor citizens are the most common target. When the elite starts getting robbed, beaten or worse, you will see a change. Until then, lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings.

The following was plagiarized by a friend with his permission. Make no mistake, Trump’s home was not raided to recover documents that should be kept in the National Archives. This was only used as a pretext for the FBI to find evidence related to January 6.

What is a pretext mandate? Think of it like this… A cop receives an anonymous report: a red pickup truck with a blue door and Florida license plates is carrying a shipment of drugs. The cop spots a truck matching the description. An anonymous tip won’t be enough to get the cop to arrest the suspect and search him.

So the cop makes a pretext stop. He/she finds a reason to arrest the suspect unrelated to the tip or drugs. It could be expired tags, speeding or not using a turn signal. As long as the stop is legal. The cop uses the stop to try to find information/evidence that might lead to a probable enough cause to search further and find the narcotics. Although legal, the control for speeding (or other) was only a pretext to be able to search for narcotics.

I believe that’s what happened to Trump. Democrats are desperate to disqualify Trump from running for president in 2024. The FBI has been armed by Democrats to root out political opponents.

Think about what has happened in recent years. Trump supporters have their homes ransacked early in the morning, guns drawn, doors kicked in, while CNN is tipped off and tagged with agents. Individuals are blackmailed with threats to arrest their children unless they plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

Yes it happened. The home of an ex-president is the subject of a search for documents which, according to the government, should be kept in the National Archives? Oh good? But Hillary gets a pass and has time to destroy 30,000 emails, smash phones with hammers, wipe out servers, and more. I mean she lied and she has classified documents. No raid for her. Just a severe disgrace to warn you.

And then there’s the whole Joe Biden/Hunter Biden pay for play scandal. No early morning raids for this family. I’m not a huge Trump fan. Although I agree with many of his policies, I believe he is a little off.

But what is happening is wrong. It’s just wrong. If Americans want to elect Trump, we should be allowed to do so. We don’t need the FBI or the Democratic Party to eliminate our political rivals. There’s a part of me that’s hoping the FBI will come out with a statement that will justify their actions and we’ll all be like, “Oh, okay, now I get it.”

Oh and it was rich and made me laugh in disgust when Nancy Pelosi said “No one is above the law” She should have added “except my husband, my husband is above the law .”

Bill White is a retired air traffic controller/manager and commercial pilot who lives in Springville.

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