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Good to know that Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan is traveling to Eastern Europe to see how the United States can prevent the invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the United States is invaded by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, and Chrissy and her fellow Democrats don’t care. No travel to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or California. Just ridiculous.

Grant W

Canadian truckers and farmers shut down the capital city of Ottawa to protest mandatory COVID vaccinations. The towing companies refused to tow them as requested by law enforcement. I don’t see this on any of the lamestream news agencies. Lefty, Patriot54 and David M probably don’t believe this is happening.


Joe Biden’s administration is reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter years. The military can’t do anything right, from withdrawing from Afghanistan to losing our most advanced fighter jet (F35C Lightning II) in the South China Sea. Then there is the inflation caused by Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden. One of the only differences is that Jimmy Carter was a nice, smart man while Joe Biden is a dark, mean-spirited light bulb.


Made in China will show up in your home thanks to the US government. That’s right, Joe Biden is sending you covid test kits that are stamped Made in China. China gave us this virus and now it is getting richer.

Dan Fields

I heard gnashing of teeth when Rachel Maddow announced she would be taking a break from her MSNBC show. With ratings down, maybe a break is what she needs. But I’m confused. Where will Patriot54, Lefty and David M. get their Sound Off talking points for the next month or two?

Confused Melissa

To the anonymous person who answered my VAERS facts, searched all years for COVID 19 vaccines and found just over 9,000 deaths and this adverse effect (possible side effect) disclaimer. I am a registered Republican but not a Trumpublican. Read all my letters.

The moderate

Day after day, my heart breaks for police officers injured, maimed or killed on duty. It’s not just cops who are being killed, it’s those punched or injured in a fight, kicked or kicked by cars trying to flee from a traffic stop . Disrespect for officers is a direct result of despicable politicians like Chrissy Houlahan, Madeleine Dean, Josh Shapiro and Kamala Harris siding with the criminals.

Michael Stern

Yesterday we discovered that busloads of male illegal immigrants were being tracked to federal offices in Texas. Then these illegal men left with arrest warrants to the airports. The illegals used the arrest warrants as identification to board the jets. I need a real ID or passport to get on a jet, but all illegals need is an arrest warrant. Illegals have more rights than citizens.


Anti Vaxer: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Page 1 of their website: “Key Considerations and Limitations of VAERS Data: Reports may include incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental and unverified information.”

Recently, Biden held his first extended press conference. Even though the questions he posed were softballs from his apologist press corps, the consensus is that Biden came across as confused, unable to maintain a steady stream of thought and deliberately evasive in responding to what should have been anticipated questions about any of his obviously impaired cognitive. health, inability to keep election promises, policies causing crises, partisan division, absent leadership, etc. A sad sight to behold.

Miss! Miss

I just wonder if Patriot 54, Jay Miller, Lefty, etc. would be upset if Sound Off decided to only print letters of race and gender opposite/different from their own, as their hero does for nominees for the open seat on the Supreme Court. Hmm.

jim dandy

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans say the Supreme Court nominee is unqualified no matter who he is. wow. A new low.

Donald Trump announced on Saturday (1/29/22) that anyone convicted of sedition conspiracy will be pardoned when he becomes president in 2024.

Jay Miller

Guess the attorneys’ fees are getting high for the jerk Don. Now he wants his followers to bear arms and rally against any investigation against his species. When will a GOP member of Congress stand up and say enough!

JB in Limerick

Anthony Maida, a teacher in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, who is also a former Marine, says it is clear to him that what happened that day was not just a protest or a demonstration, but a insurrection, and he is not afraid to say so in class. “They want you to be apolitical. But being apolitical is a political choice, right? If I look at January 6 and take an apolitical stance, that means I’m okay with it…and I’m not.


Prepare for the next right wing collapse. Joe Biden will nominate a black woman as his Supreme Court nominee. It will be traumatic for our crazy patriots but it is progress. Trump’s choices were terrible and that’s not debatable. She will automatically be head and shoulders more qualified than the last three losers. Conservatives are crying, aren’t they Stern?

left handed

Granted, the Dems control the WH and the House. They don’t control the Supreme Court or many states. As for the Senate, although it has nominal control, I would say Joe Manchin is a “DINO” (Democrat in name only). If I was a bettor, I’d bet he’d switch party affiliations if the GOP claims control of the Senate in the next election. There is always the question of whether the GOP is doing something about Covid.

From the looks of things, there aren’t too many “Ridin’ With Biden” people yet. And for good reason. 81 million votes? Malarkey!


One thing the tedious back and forth on Sound Off makes very clear is that we need national election laws. We will forever be caught in this ridiculous back and forth until Congress passes a basic set of voting protections. Your fight made me give up my party affiliation. It’s embarrassing to see the energy wasted here. Others will see it too and the two-party system will fall.


The left has been shouting for four years that Trump is a dictator. Yet the Supreme Court just had to stop Biden from being one. Dems be tripp’n!


The Biden administration has reportedly released $18 million in frozen funds so Iran can pay its United Nations dues. Why would Biden be so generous to a state sponsor of terrorism? John Kerry and the Biden administration plan to use the UN to craft another Iran nuclear deal and again circumvent US Senate approval. It’s unconstitutional, but President Obama did it, so Biden plans to go the same way. Repugnant!

Robert Minner

Sam Tasik, in 2016 I stood in a cold queue for over two hours to vote in person. In 2020, I stood in line for five seconds to put my legal ballot in a drop box. I preferred the 2020 method. Freedom Fighter, please shed some light on Biden family corruption that has yet to be investigated and debunked. Butch, I show my ID every time I vote, but never my vax card.

David M.

Yesterday, Joe Biden had a very busy day. He went shopping at a Capitol Hill gift shop. He browsed through some women’s blouses and managed to buy a Kamala Harris coffee mug. Then he bought an ice cream cone. So while around 3,000 people died of Covid yesterday, Biden cut monoclonal antibodies to patients and inflation continued to rage. What a terrific guy.

Kristin Rames

How many people have been fooled by Pfizer’s relative risk reduction (RRR) figures of 95% into thinking that 95% equals 95% protection? It was definitely promoted around the clock. The actual protection was 0.84% ​​(less than 1%), which is absolute risk reduction (ARR). Somehow, ARR never appeared on all the gibberish that was goaded into enlisting the suckers to get stung. Would you have gone for .84 if you had known the truth?

The truth must be told

We the people of…a phrase everyone should know or they don’t belong in America. Remember it’s us, not me.

night light

President Joe Biden is making his big tech supporters happy. Joe is popular in Silicon Valley. But it’s not that popular in Iowa, the South, or just about anywhere outside of a major US city. The GOP needs to consider impeachment of Sleepy Joe. He is not up to it. More than two million illegals entered the United States last year. This failure is enough to impeach.

Boyertown Bob

Oh, Angry Guy, Angry Guy, I’m sure it’s no fun not being taken seriously, but in the face of this “forum” that values ​​intensity and rawness of opinion much more than actual discussion, I can not help myself . It’s dirty and thankless work, but someone has to do it.


The instinctive psychological defense against impending doom like a rapidly warming planet is first denial, then deflection. “It’s not true, and the dark forces – like the ‘liberal elites’ just make it up to vex and exploit us.” It’s OK. I’m not trying to convert anyone. The earth, like God, doesn’t care what we believe.


Fifty-six percent disapprove of the way Sloppy Joe handles his job as president. 72% do not want him to stand for re-election. The majority of Democrats (62%) want him to resign. Asked about dismal polls, Jurassic Joe replied “I don’t believe in polls”. That may be true, but it’s a sure bet his handlers do. For “the good of the party”, they will ban him from running again and possibly force him to resign before 2024.


Even the liberal pundits at the Associated Press (who still pose as journalists) can no longer deny what a catastrophic mistake it was to help elect Biden/Harris to the White House. I bet there are a few above the conservative-hate AP clubhouse who wished they had the cajoles to counter the DNC and report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal leading up to the election. . Americans suffer these consequences.

Boy Sweater

President Biden promised he would unite us Americans, and he did. A majority of us agree that we don’t like him as president!

jim fitch

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