The prostitution business was operating in an upscale neighborhood, suddenly the police arrived

Samastipur: Police have busted a major sex racket in Samastipur, Bihar. Police arrested four women and two boys in connection with the sex racket. The police are also investigating the operator who runs the company. The incident happened at the city’s Gudri Bazaar. The police constantly received complaints that the prostitution business was taking place here. When the police arrived there to carry out a raid, locals gathered in large numbers because of it.

The sex racket trade has been going on for a long time in the city’s Gudri Bazar district. The people around them were very angry. On Saturday, someone made a secret report to the police that the work of the flesh trade was taking place in a house. Acting quickly on this complaint, when the police raided the house, they arrested four women and two boys on the spot for their alleged involvement in the case.

It is said that for the past few months, a person by the name of Ranjit Singh has been running a sex racketeering business. This area of ​​Gudri Bazar in Samastipur is considered very chic. Nagar Police Station SHO Arun Kumar Rai interrogates the culprits after which the case will be fully revealed. However, the police raid brought a sigh of relief to nearby residents.

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