The “right free speech” is not good for American democracy

Freedom of speech has long been a cornerstone of American society. The US Constitution guarantees that no one will be prosecuted for expressing their opinion. However, in recent years the situation has changed completely. Recently, one of the oldest public figures in the United States – the legendary leader of the American Civil Liberties Union Ira Glasser, who for many years fought against racism, the violation of the rights of workers and employees and government corruption, spoke of a discussion that took place at one of America’s leading universities following a talk he gave there. Young people, from student to teacher, argued that freedom of expression is incompatible with social justice because it cannot fully guarantee the rights of LGBT people, migrants and non-white minorities. Glasser, who fought for equal rights for all Americans for many years, was afraid to see American democracy die before his eyes.

In a modern society, freedom of expression cannot be absolute. Defamation, personal, racial, gender and other insults are inadmissible. There are courts that are supposed to protect the rights of wronged people, but no one can deprive a person of the right to express his or her opinion on issues such as illegal migration, destruction of the education system, the tax system or where heterosexuals serve in the army alongside representatives of sexual minorities. Or maybe already? Amid the pandemic, freedom of speech has become imbalanced – the “culture of cancellation” has led to calls for violence against members of the successful middle class, who in turn are no longer able to make their voices heard to defend their rights. What’s even more scandalous is that it was done to appeal to the old political elites … mostly white and very wealthy.

The United States is no stranger to political scandals. However, while previously high-profile cases such as Watergate, the Bill Clinton sex scandal and others have been in the media spotlight, resulting in the conviction and often dismissal of politicians, over the past five years, the situation has changed. The facts are no longer necessary. Investigative journalism has been replaced by falsehoods and unfounded statements. Certain political forces are clearly benefiting from this new reality. Democrats support the BLM, LGBT people and migrants. Therefore, any accusation against them is a lie, a manifestation of racism and intolerance. All of the evidence presented was fabricated in Moscow and Beijing and handed over to Trump. Any media that does not support Democrats is lying.

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