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Why should we care who Hunter Biden is?

Besides, why should we care who Joe, James, Jill and Ashley Biden are? Because they’re all part of the global sprees, deals and debaucheries that are finally surfacing thanks to Fox News, Fox Nation and, of course, the New York Post.

Greg Gutfeld – his show, “Gutfeld!” is now No. 1 on late night TV – is smart, snotty, boring, opinionated and, above all, entertaining. Mr. Gutfeld, along with other Fox stars, is clearly not going to let the left off the hook for the worst of revival. Just stream the first two parts of Fox Nation’s brilliant and revealing, “Who Is Hunter Biden?” to get the truth (and be disgusted and appalled by it like me) about how and what the Biden family has been doing for decades.

The series is a tragedy, a soap opera, who made it and a porn show all rolled into one, executed with precision editing and high-level drama, backed by fellow Fox hosts/correspondents, stars of their own hit shows (goody-two-shoes Dana Perino, Professor Byron York, smartypants charmer Jesse Watters, among others) and – dare I say – as tastefully as the raunchy, deeply disturbing material and Fox lawyers allow it.

In the first of four parts seriesaired last January, co-host of “The Five” and no frills Judge Jeanine Pirro recounted the disorderly life of our Of the president son — the cocaine, the prostitutes he used and needed, and Biden’s highly questionable business practices. “Laptop From Hell” (published last October) by Fox contributor and New York Post columnist Miranda Devine covered much of the first episode of her explosive book.

Viewers of “Who is Hunter Biden?” are entertained, while getting unvarnished news and refreshing, informed opinions from its roster of proven journalists and talking heads.

After the July 20 release of the series’ second episode, Ms. Devine told ‘Fox and Friends’ that there were “well-founded concerns” that President Biden could be compromised by China, referring to new revelations. of Hunter Biden’s laptop involving contact with Google executives and senior US officials involved in China politics.

Spoiler for the second episode of the series: the viewer wonders, “How and why did Hunter Biden become such a disgusting and pitiful human, and how could the Biden family become so deaf and oblivious to the dump of Biden family filth?”

We are exposed to more of the recorded debauchery of drugs and sex, and are left with the role his father and stepmother, Jill, played in Hunter’s despicable downfall.

Maybe Senator Chuck Grassley, the wise and stubbornly determined 87-year-old who goes for a 2-mile run and does push-ups in the morning before going to the Capitol, along with Senator Ron Johnson and others, will get to the bottom of the Era Biden scandal now that whistleblowers have presented more evidence that the FBI lied all along about the Bidens.

If that doesn’t wake the country up to the crimes and perversions of the First Family, hopefully episodes 3 and 4 of “Who Is Hunter Biden?”will be.

Be warned. You’ll want to take a shower after watching episodes 1 and 2, just like me.

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