Three arrested, three cities in Reno bitten by clients soliciting prostitution

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – The Reno Police Department on Thursday arrested two men who believed they were offering to pay for sex with minors but were conversing with undercover officers.

Twasker Mouette Brown, 34, and Jose Reyes-Medina, 44, were both convicted of soliciting a child for prostitution and attempted child abuse. Police said the two were taken into custody without incident.

Three men were cited on Thursday for arranging via the internet to pay for sex and one was arrested because he was not qualified to simply receive a citation, police said Friday.

The operation was carried out by the Exploitation and Human Trafficking Unit (HEAT), police said.

HEAT targeted clients who were trying to pay for sex.

“The detectives were contacted by individuals through various online platforms and through their conversations, the individuals were solicited to engage in sexual activity with the undercover detective, in exchange for money,” police said in a report. communicated.

The four people who went to the meeting place were greeted by the police. The police did not release their names.

Police ask anyone with information about sex trafficking or prostitution to contact HEAT at 775 325-6470.

This survey highlights the risks for children who use the Internet. Parents or guardians should consider:

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