Three women arrested for pushing 11-year-old girl into prostitution

Nagpur: Acting on an accusation, the Social Security Branch (SSB) of the Nagpur Criminal Branch arrested 3 female touts accused of luring an 11-year-old girl into the prostitution business. The three touting women tried to sell off the virginity of an 11-year-old girl for around Rs 40,000.

According to police, the mastermind named Archana Shekhar Vaishampayan (39 years old). A resident of Kharbi, Wathoda, dragged a friend’s 11-year-old underage daughter. In this prostitution business by giving them money.

Then on top of that, in his wicked plan. Gangster Archana, with the help of two other accused women named Kavita Purshottam Nikhare (30), resident of Bangladesh, Pachpaoli. and Ranjana Chaturbhuj Meshram (45), a resident of Godhni. Took the help of two other accused women in giving the virginity of an underage girl to a client. I tried to sell it for Rs 40,000.

The accused Archana Shekhar Vaishampayan had taken an 11-year-old minor. In an apartment of the Siddhartha residence, Om Nagar, Koradi under the pretext of celebrating the birthday of his son who is 2 years old. Inside the apartment, the accused Kavita and Ranjana approached a client. And then offered to sell the girl’s virginity for Rs 40,000.

Police received secret information

The police had received secret information. About that botched shot of the three women. Then the police sent a bogus client to implicate the three accused women.

As decided, the client sent by the police went to the apartment. Where the accused woman had sent the client. In a room to have sex with an 11 year old girl. And then soon, this fake customer alerted the police. Then the police raided the same place. And saved this 11-year-old underage girl. Police have now arrested the three women.

Offenses under Articles 370 (A), 34, 366 (A), 370 read together with Articles 3, 4, 5, 7 of the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Law and Article 17 of the Protection Law of Children Against Sexual Offenses (POCSO) and Accused Put it behind bars. And now, further investigation is underway in this matter.

The action was initiated by the SSB team. Which included Manish Ramteke, Chetan Gedam, Sunil Ingle, Sandip Changole, PI Sharad Kadam, API Vandana Mangate, Rashid Sheikh, Ajay Paunikar, Woman PSI Mangala Harde, Agents Anil Ambade, Driver Sudhir Tiwari. Edited by Additional CP (Crime) Sunil Phulari ACP Nalawade and DCP (Detection) Gajanan Rajmane.

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