Trump thinks smart agents ‘got caught’ in Hunter Biden laptop scandal

FAfter the Hunter Biden laptop scandal where smart officials confirmed that more people other than Biden’s son had access to numerous emails, former Republican President Donald Trump said what he’s been saying ever since. he had lost the presidential race to the current president. Joe Biden: “They rigged the elections.”

Before taking the stage at a rally in Washington, Michigan, former President Trump was interviewed by a reporter who was clearly pushing an agenda. He started the interview by praising Trump, saying he was right about so many things, he continued by acknowledging his contribution on “The Laptop from Hell” where Trump nodded in agreement. He went on to say that the general public was crazy and wanted consequences, finally he posed a question asking what should happen? and better who should go to jail? Trump was eager to have his say and started with his campaign’s biggest hits.

They blamed Russia, Russia, Russia

He started saying it was a very corrupt media, they knew all about it, but they blamed Russia for the laptop and justified that it was a big lie and that they could not be responsible for it; he continued to blame the media for his loss, that the election was rigged and the media knew about it.

We would have gotten 17 more points in the rigged election

donald trump

He went on to say that The New York Times admitted they knew. Afterwards, he hurled jabs at intelligence personnel, mentioning that “there were 51 so-called intelligence officers, and they got caught, they’re a bunch of liars”.

He admitted they were doing something very special and they were stronger than ever, he concluded by saying that the country is going through its worst time but it will be much better

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