Tucker Carlson: Career bureaucrats subverted justice to ensure Joe Biden wins

There is so much going on in the last few weeks of a presidential campaign that it is easy to lose everything that has happened to this or that development in the news. Much falls through the cracks. There is an overload. Politicians know this of course, and they are using it to their advantage. If they can detail a story until after election day, it often disappears forever. No one really remembers it.

That was precisely the idea behind the Democrats’ response to Hunter Biden’s laptop. They knew from day one that the contents of this laptop were genuine. Look what is there. It is theoretically possible for a foreign intelligence service to photoshope a photo of Hunter Biden’s crotch, mainly for fun. But 100 photos of Hunter Biden’s crotch? Adorned with M & Ms? Nope. No Russian did that. These were very real. The same goes for the large number of emails and texts from Hunter Biden explaining how he was selling access to his father, the vice president, and how his father had helped him do it. In order to enrich his family, Joe Biden changed the foreign policy of our country. It happened. And that was the real crime that Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed.

It was the real scandal. If the voters understood this, if someone had told them, it could have affected the election results. So they couldn’t know. The permanent bureaucracy hid this from the country. In October, a group of corrupt intelligence officials, numbering 50, signed a letter accusing Vladimir Putin of being responsible for the laptop. “Hunter Biden’s story is Russian disinformation, according to dozens of former intelligence officials.” It was the title of Politico. It was a top-down lie, totally unsubstantiated by evidence of any kind. But he arrived just in time for the presidential debate. It was the goal. Joe Biden picked it up and waved it like a stage club.


BIDEN: We are in a situation where foreign countries are trying to interfere in the outcome of our elections. His own national security adviser has told him that what is going on with his boyfriend, Rudy Giuliani, he is being used as a Russian pawn. He receives Russian information. Information that is not true.

Only two months after this debate, the truth began to emerge. According to Politico, the intelligence world’s favorite media tool, once again, a “person with direct knowledge of the investigation” conceded that in reality Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a Russian manufacture. It was real. Real enough to be used as evidence in an ongoing investigation into “Potential Money Laundering and Hunter Biden’s Foreign Links”. Hunter Biden, we learned, was facing a possible charge for what was on the laptop.

The DOJ was investigating Ukrainian and Chinese businessmen paying Hunter to get closer to his father. They wanted to know why her father apparently got 10% of the offers. This is what we have learned. And that’s all we learned. For six months, we heard nothing more. During this time, Hunter Biden has become much richer. He sold a book that no one has read for millions of dollars. Simon & Schuster paid for it.

He sold paintings that you would never hang anywhere for maybe even more than that. We don’t know, because the identity of the people who bought them is still a secret. But what you do know for sure is that Hunter Biden has never been charged with anything. Why is that? It’s a bit odd, considering Hunter Biden himself admitted on TV a few months ago that the laptop didn’t come from the Kremlin:

TRACY SMITH: Was that your laptop?

HUNTER BIDEN: I don’t … I … for … for real, I don’t know.

TRACY SMITH: So it could have been yours?

HUNTER BIDEN: Sure, sure. That, that, there might be a laptop over there that was stolen from me. I may have been hacked. It could be the – it could be Russian intelligence. It may have been stolen from me.

You would think that a clip like this where he admits it – the 50 intelligence officials were all lying – would be key evidence in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances. Where did all his money come from? Why are foreign governments sending it millions of dollars? The emails on the laptop directly implicate Hunter Biden in his family’s offshore influence peddling operation. So why haven’t we heard from the Department of Justice about this?


Today we got our answer – naturally, from Politico. The magazine “reported” – meaning it was said, probably for complex reasons we can never really know – that the Delaware US attorney, a man called David Weiss, had buried the Hunter Biden case , and did it on purpose because it was asked to do so.

David Weiss decided to do it, Politico told us, because he wanted “to avoid taking any measures which might alert the public to the existence of the affair in the midst of the presidential election.”

Say it out loud now. He didn’t want to hurt Joe Biden, in other words. And he did so at the behest of the Biden family and their lawyers. We also learned this from the Politico play. He understands this quote: “To Weiss’ credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions.

In other words, he “listened” to the Bidens and their lawyers. Because he did this, apparently David Weiss retained his post as federal prosecutor. Ben Schreckinger of Politico needless to say strongly approves of this, this is not a subversion of justice, it is the right thing. “Weiss’ decision to avoid revealing the investigation – a move that could have boosted Donald Trump’s campaign, even at the cost of politicizing the investigation – was consistent with his restrained approach to his work.”

It’s understood? When you cover a Democratic presidential campaign, you are, according to Politico, a “sober-minded” prosecutor. You did the right thing. Good job, David Weiss. You used our legal system to get the right team into the White House.

And in case you have any doubts that this is exactly what happened, and nothing to do with the delay before the election, you should know that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for an entire year. before the elections. We know they made a forensic copy of the hard drive in 2019. But they did nothing. And they still haven’t. Now they don’t have time, they are too busy hunting down the old people who dare to speak out about electoral integrity – the legendary insurgents. They can’t do anything about the Biden’s subversion of American foreign policy because they are busy with the insurgents.


Maybe one day Politico will tell this story. In the meantime, we can expect more treatment like this for dissidents who oppose the regime in any way. As a reminder, here’s what happens to Americans who make fun of people in power:

JON BERMAN: Exclusive footage you are watching right now from CNN as the FBI arrives at Roger Stone’s residence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, taking him into custody

JON BERMAN: Again, they arrived before dawn just after 6 am, about ten officers we are told. … THE FBI AGENT bangs on the door and shouts “FBI!” OPEN THE DOOR !


It was Roger Stone, of course. They woke him and his wife. Besides, they are both seniors. Because he made the mistake of texting unflattering things about federal prosecutors, and the government read his texts.

Hunter Biden doesn’t have to worry about the SWAT team arriving at his home with a CNN film crew. He can violate any federal gun laws he wants and never be charged. Merrick Garland works for his father. He is fine. He can literally do whatever he wants – and as we’ve seen, he certainly has. But there is a different standard for you. If you get out of line, you’re done. They think so too. Ask Ashli ​​Babbitt’s family – or Chewbacca Guy, the harmless January 6 shaman. He is still in isolation.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the July 16, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

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