Twitter sued by repairman who claimed to work on Hunter Biden laptop – Deadline

The owner of a Mac repair shop on Monday filed a $ 500 million libel suit against Twitter, claiming the platform defamed him by blocking the New York Postis on display on Hunter Biden.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the shop owner, was at the center of the pre-election New York Post story that claimed to have gotten emails retrieved from Biden’s laptop. But when the story was posted, Twitter locked down the To post‘s account, saying it violated its policy on distributing pirated material. It also prevented other users from sharing the story.

But Mac Isaac says that in taking action, Twitter defamed him because he is “now widely regarded as a hacker” and that he “began to receive negative reviews about his business as well as threats against himself and himself. His belongings”.

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A Twitter spokesperson said he had no comment.

Mac Isaac’s lawsuit argues that on April 12, 2019, he was instructed to retrieve information from a laptop computer “allegedly owned” by Biden. The next day, according to the lawsuit, he called Biden to inform him that the data had been recovered. An invoice was sent on April 17, but Biden never paid it and did not recover the hard drive. According to the lawsuit, the repair authorization Biden signed allowed material left at the store after 90 days to be “treated as abandoned” and the store would not be held liable for any damage or loss of property.

The lawsuit indicates that between July 2019 and October 14, 2020, Mac Isaac had “multiple interactions” with the FBI and Robert Costello, the lawyer for Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer for President Donald Trump. The lawsuit does not indicate how the FBI or Costello were contacted. the To post published the story “after receiving the information from Giuliani,” the lawsuit says, but does not specify how the information was collected. Mac Isaac said he shared the hard drive with Costello.

Mac Isaac “had no idea the NY Post had information on the hard drive or that a story was going to be published,” the lawsuit says.

The story did not garner the kind of mainstream media attention Trump and his allies hoped to sweat: smoking proof that Hunter Biden’s father, President-elect Joe Biden, was entangled in his son’s business relationship .

Other publications including The Wall Street Journal, could not substantiate the corruption allegations, and other media said they were unable to verify the authenticity of any e-mails that may come from the laptop.

Hunter Biden said last month that his taxes were under federal investigation, but that he was “confident that a professional and objective examination of these matters will demonstrate that I have managed my affairs in a legal and proper manner. , including with the benefit of professional tax advisers. . “

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