Undercover prostitution deal exposes human trafficking scheme

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – An affidavit says two people were arrested Tuesday after an undercover prostitution deal.

According to a court affidavit obtained by News4, Travis Deshaun Rucker, 37, and his girlfriend, Treasure Sanford, 33, were arrested after Metro Nashville Police human trafficking detectives executed a deal of undercover prostitution.

On Tuesday, undercover detectives observed a white Ford Fusion arrive in the Elliston Place and 24th Avenue area. The affidavit says the prostitute then texted the undercover detective, saying she had arrived.

Detectives noted in the affidavit that they recognized Rucker and that he had three outstanding warrants, which had already been checked before they arrived.

The affidavit states that when the prostitute exited the vehicle, detectives approached the vehicle and took Rucker, who was the driver, into custody. They also noticed a green Taurus 9mm handgun in the driver’s side door once he got out of the car.

Another detective was waiting inside the business for the prostitute when he made contact with her. While talking to him, according to the affidavit, she told detectives that she was a victim of human trafficking and that Rucker was her pimp.

The victim added that Sanford posted sexual advertisements and responded to text messages from customers on her behalf. At the same time, Rucker controls all proceeds received from prostitution deals, according to the affidavit.

Rucker and Sanford have been taken into custody and are currently awaiting trial.

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