Was Rick Scott America’s Most Controversial Florida Governor

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If being a governor was easy, everyone would be a governor! This is how we can begin the story of Rick Scott, the American governor of the state of Florida, who is considered one of the favorite, but in a way, very controversial politicians in the United States. Of course, one cannot say that he is the only politician to have raised clouds of dust during his mandate – but it seems that certain episodes, even less important, have agitated opinion, or perhaps that the media simply tried to make believe. So what is the truth about Rick Scott, and is he really one of Florida’s most controversial governors – find out in the text below.

Scandals have always rocked politics

From a foreign policy perspective, the United States is still one of the leading countries in the world. To be the first among the chosen, you must have a unique system. Considering the political system and so many federal states in the United States, you will agree that this is no easy task. We already know that each of the federated states has its own rules of the game, and of course its governors. This can sometimes lead to a series of situations in which it is necessary to prevent possible political and economic crises, as well as intrigues and affairs to which the representatives of the people are exposed. Sometimes it’s justified, but sometimes it’s all part of the political game in which the goal is to defeat the political enemy. It can be said that many, even very stormy affairs followed politicians in the United States during its existence. We will only remember the Watergate affair, the Kennedy assassination, Nixon and the telephone tapping affair, and even the sexual affairs, like the one with Monica Lewinsky. However, it seems that in recent years, cases and scandals are geared more towards possible embezzlement or unacceptable behavior with sexual allusions. So how do we connect Florida Governor Rick Scott to it?

The Rick Scott Story: From the US Navy to Politics

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Let’s be precise: Rick Scott’s role in the political life of the USA is quite significant. We’re not just talking about the two-term Florida state governor — but he’s also a man who continued his political career as a senator and has held that position since 2019. The story of the life of Rick Scott do not differ significantly from the biographies of other American politicians. Born in the early fifties of the 20th century, Scott was almost a typical representative of the post-war generation. A modest life and big ambitions kept him away from home after graduating from high school when he first married his high school sweetheart Ann. After that, he joined the United States Navy on the USS Glover, where he worked as a radar controller. Taking advantage of the benefits of the GI Bill, he decided to continue his studies at the University of Missouri, in Kansas City, and at the SMU Law School, from where his ambitions pushed him towards new advances.

After beginning to work in the practice of law, he quickly became a partner and then co-founder of Columbia Hospital Corporation. At the time, it was already apparent that Scott had political aspirations. However, being so successful is both a blessing and a curse – so Scott couldn’t avoid finding himself at the center of some scandals.

Rick Scott: Controversies During His Political Career

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OK, the Scott Cooper Miami Ice-And-Mannequin scandal aside, it’s safe to say the current senator has been pretty quiet over the years. Namely, this somewhat funny scandal was not directly linked to Scott – but to the consultant, Joshua Cooper who was photographed in an unusual pose, not to say inappropriate. Namely, you can look at this link, and it will be much clearer to you what we are talking about. However, Cooper denies the charges and claims the photo was taken from an awkward angle – with which political opponents wanted to discredit not only him but also current Senator Scott. We can say that today this scandal is not so important, especially if we take into account the fact that it is the associate of the senator, as well as the fact that the senator himself is married to his wife Ann for 50 years, and that none of the sex scandals were associated with his name.

The explosion of the past

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Even with a long marriage, having children and grandchildren didn’t change the fact that there were no other controversies, especially during his time as Governor of Florida. Even when he was a co-founder of Columbia Hospital Corporation, Scott had to pay an incredible fine of $1.7 billion due to certain financial malfeasance. Additionally, during his tenures, Scott has come under public scrutiny for his support of the controversial All Aboard Florida project, as well as his support for the controversial North Florida pipeline work.

Rick Scott’s Accomplishments

Nevertheless, despite attempts to discredit the former governor and current senator – his political opponents cannot dispute some of the successes through which he gained political popularity. One of the things his constituents often point to as a benefit is his role in changing Florida’s health care law, which until then had been based on free market principles. A patient rights advocate, he founded the CPR (Conservatives for Patients’ Rights) and has so far given more than 5 million to the budget for these purposes. Additionally, the citizens of Florida are very grateful to him for the many tax breaks they received during his tenure.


In the end, we can only say one thing. Politics is always such that it will show you both sides of the coin – the good and the bad. We can never count on everything to always be perfect. Even when trying to play this game by the rules, you may sometimes have to “beat around the bush” – while sometimes you will have to meet those who put their foot down to trip you up. Therefore, the first rule in the race for a successful political career is to have nerves of steel and a lot of patience.

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