Washington Post sheds light on Hunter Biden ethics scandals with full-page artwork

The Washington Post on Monday highlighted Hunter Biden’s many ethical scandals with a full page of artwork in their editorial section.

The editorial promoted a fictional “art exhibition” by Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, which parodied the recent scandals. Images in the article included a framed photo labeled “I Heart Burisma,” referring to Hunter’s time on the board of the Ukrainian energy company despite his inexperience in the industry. The feature also included an empty frame titled “Painters who would appear in this gallery if they weren’t called Biden”.

Washington Post editor-in-chief Glen Kessler shared the article on his Twitter account.

“The Wash Post opinion page goes no further punches with a biting and fun ‘display’ of Hunter Biden’s art via Meghan Kruger,” Kessler tweeted.


Kessler had previously scoffed at any investigation or media reference to the ongoing Hunter Biden scandals. In December, he called Hunter’s foreign relations investigation a “laptop thing.”

Kessler has been criticized for referring to the Hunter Biden scandals only through a “humorous” article months after the 2020 election.

“It would be even funnier if the WaPo didn’t call out these same Russian disinformation suggestions to protect Biden during the election,” one user wrote.

Another user tweeted: “Corruption makes me laugh almost as much as the time you used your fact-checking page to decide if Tim Scott’s family was really racist. Remember that Glenn? Classic? . “

The mainstream media largely underestimated the Hunter Biden scandals, claiming that reports of the contents of his laptop were based on “Russian disinformation.” The New York Post, which first reported the Hunter Biden laptop story, faced unprecedented resistance from social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, both of which were censoring sharing. Of the history. Additionally, the New York Post was banned from its Twitter account for sharing the story.


As for Hunter Biden’s work, former Obama ethics chief Walter Shaub previously denounced the White House’s ethical plans surrounding him.

“So instead of revealing who is paying exorbitant sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we can verify if buyers have access to the government, the WH has tried to make sure we never know who they are. “Shaub wrote. “It is very disappointing.”

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