WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza calls on US prosecutor appointed by Trump for covering up the Bidens

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Dinesh D’Souza called U.S. Attorney David Weiss on Monday for covering up on Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden’s alleged tax offenses, money received from foreign entities, and whether Hunter broke US laws or paid taxes on money received, have yet to be answered.

The allegations are being investigated by Delaware-based US attorney David Weiss.

David Weiss was prepared to issue, not only subpoenas, but search warrants against Hunter Biden to obtain all information relevant to his investigation. But then he realized that was right before the election of 2020. So what has he done? He has decided to be completely silent about it until the election has passed now. “

“From the outset, we see here how a senior official, a type of the deep state who is responsible for doing a job, who pursues the trail of the investigation, nevertheless calibrates this work to the political requirements of the moment.”

“In other words, he’s trying to help Biden and he’s trying to avoid helping Trump. So you might think this guy is a great Delaware left winger… he turns out to be a Republican, he’s sort of a moderate Republican, but he was appointed to his post by none other than Donald Trump… he was appointed by Trump apparently on the recommendation of the two Democratic senators from Delaware.

“Apparently they understood better which side David Weiss was on. You see here how Trump, I think, was sloppy in the kind of people he was naming. People who later turned out to do him no good. . “

“We’re just asking David Wise to do his job. And if it’s time to issue subpoenas, issue them, let the public decide what it all means.”

“The plot here really thickens because we are rightly outraged by the media suppressing the Hunter Biden story. We are rightly outraged by digital platforms for censorship, The New York Post and others who have tried to relate the Hunter Biden story. “

“But it turns out that prosecutors are also, in a way, protecting, not just Hunter. Note that the protection here is for Joe Biden. They just don’t want (the investigation) to have a negative impact on Joe making his way across the finish line. And let’s remember it’s always been a scandal. “

“Hunter Biden’s business relationship is not a hunter operating alone, it is Biden hunters and the laptop confirms it in spades. Hunter Biden works in conjunction with his father. His father is kind of a ‘mafia don’ “And Hunter Biden, the son, James Biden, and Frank Biden, the brothers, are the pocket men. The operation.”

“So you see the level of protection the Democrats get. Obama had it, the Clintons almost felt like these guys can get away with anything. And that’s why they make these shenanigans because ‘They know. They know that somehow they’ll get out of the news. They’ll stay one step ahead of politics, the kind of rules that would force any Republican not to be enforced in this. which concerns Democrats. “

“In this case, unfortunately, our side and Trump himself bear at least part of the responsibility for allowing these atrocities to continue.”

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